Have you ever tried to come up with the perfect way to reveal some big news?

The Otwells did just that.

This creative and sneaky couple used a customized Mad Gab game card to make their big announcement. They slid the card in with the rest and let the game play out normally. Finally, their customized card was in play, which read "Britain Eighth Hun Harper Egg Nut." After saying it several times - and with a little help - the family finally got the answer. "Britt and Nathan are pregnant!"

The family was elated. What a creative way to announce a pregnancy!

Here are some other pregnancy announcement ideas.

  • Family picture: Mom, Dad, other children (if applicable) and tiny baby shoes.

  • A sign stating mathematical increases like 1+1=3 or "...and then there were 3."

  • Youngest child wearing a shirt or holding a sign that says "big sister" or "big brother."

  • Using the popular phrase "our family is growing by 2 feet."

  • Wrapped and framed picture of a sonogram.

  • Hidden baby bottle in the fridge for an unsuspecting husband to find.

  • A "Grandparents' Day" cake.

  • A dinner with baby peas, baby carrots and baby back ribs to set a theme (or everything miniature, with baby dishes).

Pinterest is another place to get inspiration for your perfect announcement.

How have you announced your big news to unsuspecting family members? Was there excitement? Watch this boy's "less than happy" reaction when he finds out his mom is pregnant. Hopefully, your announcement was met with excitement rather than disdain.

Of course, sometimes the hardest people to please with a big announcement are your own children. Help them to join in the excitement with these great ways to announce your pregnancy to your kids. Be sure to let your kids know how special they are and that they are not being replaced by a new baby. Calm their fears and concerns, letting them know how important they are to the family and to you.

Pregnancy is exciting for couples, grandparents and other family and friends. Be sure to celebrate the joyous occasion. Later, you can read '20 side effects of pregnancy: What your friend's won't tell you' so you're prepared for what's coming - although, by now, it may be too late! But, don't worry. It's worth it!

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