Women have incredible communication skills that go way beyond what us men even fathom as functional. Sometimes it's hard for us to understand what is really going on in any given conversation. With the help of some expert women I've compiled this list of common phrases women use that need to be translated for most men to understand. Here's what she says and what it really means:

1. "I don't care"

Translation: "I care very much but I feel we've reached the point in our relationship in which you should already know what I want without me having to verbally communicate it like a normal person."

2. "We need to talk"

Translation: "You done MESSED UP!"

3. "I'm fine"

Translation: "I'm not fine. I'm just done talking to you."

4. "You're fine"

Translation:"I will remember what you've done, forever."

5. "Do whatever you want"

Translation: "Do what I want."

6. "How does this look on me?"

Translation: "Tell me I'm pretty."

7. "I'm calm"

Translation: "Tell me to calm down one more time. I dare you."

8. "Just forget it"

Translation: "Your ignorance irritates me beyond reason. For your safety, just walk away."

9. "Are you serious?"

Translation: "I'm going to eat you for lunch."

10. "I was just kidding"

Translation: "I was kind of kidding, but with an uncomfortably serious undertone indicating that your behavior is unacceptable and needs to change."

11. "What did you just say?"

Translation: "I can't believe you just said that. Now is your chance to start begging for forgiveness, which I'll give you in a few years."

12. "OK, you're right"

Translation: "You're so wrong, but I'm going to guilt trip you into admitting it by saying you're right and then waiting for things to blow up in your face."

13. "Who is she?"

Translation: "You are not to contact, see or even think about her again. I don't care if she's your second cousin.

14. "Maybe. I'll let you know."

Translation: "I'm really not interested in doing whatever you suggested, but if I can't find anything better to do I'll settle - or I just won't respond."

15. "I'll be ready in 5 minutes!"

Translation: "We're going to be very, very late."

16. "You're going to wear that?"

Translation: "I will not be seen in public with you in that getup. Go change."

17.Tense silence

Translation: "Run."

If you know any other men that need to see this list, make sure they do. Sharing is caring.

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