Our homes are a safe place we can go after dealing with the world. And just like how clothing can affect our mood and expresses who we are as a person, the interior design of our homes says a lot about our personalities.

If you've started feeling like your house isn't as comfortable as you need it to be, it might be because it's lacking certain things your personality needs to thrive. Having these things in your home can help you relax, be more productive and enjoy your space.

Our houses say a lot about our lives, so we need to renew them and fill them with good moments so we can always enjoy returning home. Here are a few tips on making your house perfect for you:

1. Don't overload your space

Cramming too much into a small space creates a feeling of claustrophobia and prevents you from enjoying your time in your home. Less is more, and having less clutter will reduce your stress levels.

2. Choose color carefully

Don't just choose your favorite colors to paint every wall in your home. Know what colors affect your moods, and take into consideration the type of feeling you want to have in your house. Neutral colors are always great because they're calming and can be paired with any decor you wish.

3. Show your personality

Your house doesn't need to be completely boring! You should add small touches that reflect your personality, such as a plant in a corner or bookshelves on the walls. If you love to travel, think about framing some of your favorite photos from your trips, or mounting a large map on your bedroom wall.

4. Good ventilation is so important

If you don't have great air-flow, you'll be uncomfortable and won't enjoy being in your house. When the weather is nice, be sure to open windows and get some fresh air into your space.

5. Keep it clean

Keeping a clean home can be hard at times, especially if you have littles running around. Although it's hard, keeping it nice, clean and smelling good will help you enjoy yourself while you're home and reduce stress.

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6. Lighting is crucial

Light fixtures can make or break a home. Choose lighting that goes with each room, and make sure you have adequate light throughout the whole house. It's also great to have open spaces with big windows so you can have natural light coming in all the time. Try removing some window coverings or curtains to help let that sunshine inside your space.

Lots of people think in order to have good taste you have to have a lot of money, and that's simply not true. The secret to the success of your home is making sure you're comfortable, able to relax, enjoy and most of all, love. Does your home do that for you?

This article has been translated and adapted from the original "¿Sabes qué dice tu casa de tu personalidad y de tu relación? Más de lo que te imaginas" which was originally published on familias.com.

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