My dear child,

I see you, and I know you are struggling. You can do this. I have given you hard trials because you can handle them and you can make something of this experience. I have always given hard experiences to those who I know can grown from them.

There's a purpose for your struggles. There are things for you to learn, things you'll need for what I've got planned for you next. It may seem like your world is falling apart, and you may feel lost in the darkness, but it is all part of my plan, and I've got such great things planned for you.

I understand that you cannot always be strong. You are human and you will stumble and you will feel too weak for your situation. Know that no matter what you're experiencing, no matter how overwhelmed you feel, my love for you will never change. I know you better than you know yourself. I know what lies behind you, and I know what lies ahead of you. I love you perfectly for all of the things you are and all of the things you are not.

Please remember, I am always here to help you along the way. I have made you strong, but not so strong that you don't need me. I've given you the talents you need to overcome your struggles, and I will give you the strength you need if you ask me. I will not take this trial away, but I can give you comfort and peace as you go through it.

Please talk with me. Ask me anything. Anything. Don't worry about whether or not what you ask for is possible or likely or logical. As we work through this together, I will show you anything is possible. I can tell you exactly where you need to be if you'll ask me. We can do this together.

Remember to love others no matter what you're going through. Hard times can cause people to isolate themselves and become hard themselves as they face the world, but be soft and kind. As you know, the world is already hard enough and everyone could use love and kindness.

You may not see it yet, but I see how you will use the things you learn and the strength you gain from this experience to bring so much good to the lives of those around you. Somebody out there needs you to overcome this hard time. As you overcome, others will see that they can do the same.

I always have my eye on you and I am always listening because I love you. You are never alone - you will always have me. Keep going. Keep loving. You can overcome.



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