I came from a family that always put each other first. We were a part of each other's "fan club." There were many reasons why family was important to each of us, but we all agree that without the love and example of our mother, our family would be much different.

Moms can have an incredible influence on a child's life. They help their child have confidence, courage, faith and hope in themselves and their talents.

Every child deserves a mom that tries her very best. The difference between good moms and great moms lies in the smallest of things.

You Prepare for EVERYTHING

"I over-prepare. I plan for every worst-case scenario. I always carry band aids in my bag." shared popular blogger, Brenda Janowitz. Caring enough to be over-prepared is a sign that you are a great mom. Although your child may not appreciate it in the moment, they are grateful, trust me.

You listen like a pro

Great moms have a special bond with each of their children. But the one thing these children all have in common is that they go to mom to talk about anything and everything. A great mom doesn't just nod her head, but she is reactive and expressive during the conversation. She is genuinely present when her child is speaking.

You are scared for them

When they leave for school, forget their lunch, or have a presentation at school, you are ALWAYS scared for them. This isn't always a safety concern, but more of a, "I hope she does her best. I hope she isn't too nervous," feeling. Great moms are always concerned for their children's success and happiness.

You feed them first

Of course mothers need to eat at some point, but the great mom makes sure their child gets the nutrients they need first. Sometimes you even forget to eat because your focus isn't on you. Good moms don't have this problem, but great moms see it often.

You let them cry it out

Before babysitting for the first time my mom told me that if the baby cries when I put her down, let her cry. This was so hard at first until I realized why I was doing this. Letting her cry it out teaches her to go to sleep on her own. If you go in and rock her back to sleep every time, she will never learn.

You've given up sleep

Sleep is for the weak, right? As a great mom, you very well understand that naps are hard to come by, as well as sleeping in past 7 a.m. and you have embraced that.

You think about your children all day long

You may not constantly be texting your son throughout the day or calling your daughter with every question you have, but you are thinking about them non-stop. Good moms think about their children often, but great moms think about their children always.

You make family dinner a priority

Children who have family dinner frequently are proven less likely to use drugs or alcohol. This is because of the additional time to bond with the parents as well as have meaningful conversation at the table. Great moms instigate such habits in the home.

You set boundaries

Rules may not be fun, but they keep you safe. Most young adults would agree that the boundaries their parents set for them actually helped them succeed now. They learned what was most important in life and were able to develop their own morals.


Egyptian writer Alaa Al Aswany once said, "A mother loves her children unconditionally. However they wrong her, she'll carry on loving them." No matter what they do it would be impossible for a great mother to ever stop loving and especially showing that love to their child.

Through patience, kindness, charity, hope, a loving spirit and of course the super-mom powers you have, the potential to be an amazing influence on your child's life is just within reach. Choose to be a positive influence and let these qualities of great moms guide your everyday interactions with them. They will truly love you for it.

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