It is OK if the house is messy. It is OK when things aren't exactly how they should be. You are a mom. You have little mouths to feed, and hearts to touch. Being a mom is no easy task. It is difficult and challenging work. When it seems almost impossible, remember that something can always give, and those dishes in the sink and the crumbs on the floors can wait.

Unfortunately as mothers, we compare ourselves to others. We begin to feel discouraged and frustrated because we aren't perfect. Whenever you feel like you just aren't enough, here are five things to help push you through.

1. Your child's smile

When you see that look of pure joy on your child's face, nothing can compare. Think about those times when you pulled your child out of her crib after a night's sleep, did you get a smile? When you would tickle him or chase him around the house, did you get to hear that infectious laugh? Spend time with your children. Let them know that you care for them, that you love them. During this time, you will see your child's smile the most, and it will help you realize you are doing something right.

2. Playtime

Children need to play. They need time to learn and explore. They not only need time to play by themselves, they need time to play with their parents. Sit down on the floor next to your children. Pull out the blocks, the books, the cars or the dolls. Help them learn, help them discover things in a new way. One of my favorite things to do is just watch my son. I could sit and watch him discover and play for hours. The way his little eyes light up when he sees something new, the way he races to a new toy or laughs when a toy makes a sound. These are memories that I will always cherish. These are times that make those rough moments well worth it.

3. Photos and videos

I am that mom with her camera out for every event. I capture pictures each week in the same spot so I can create a time strip of my son's first year of growth. When those rough days come, and I feel burned out, I pull out a few photos or videos. This little walk down memory lane helps me remember what is important. As you take this walk, note your child's growth and development. When those tough days come, just think about how far you've come since they first placed your baby in your arms.

4. Five minutes of quiet

Sometimes all you need is just a few minutes of quiet to re-energize yourself and get yourself ready for the remainder of the day. Go to your bedroom, a closet or even the bathroom and sit in peace for a few minutes. Concentrate on your breathing, say a prayer, read a book and gather up the courage to endure the remainder of the day.

5. Phone a friend

There will be days when you break down and the tears come. You don't know how you are going to overcome the day. On these stressful days, call someone to help out. Ask someone to take the children for a few hours while you get things done, recuperate or just take a nap. You are a mom. You are not perfect, and you are not invincible. It is OK to ask for a little help when you need it.

Raising children is hard work. You want to be perfect and do your best to ensure your children turn out without any flaws. Always focus on your largest priority - your children - and remember it is OK that you can't do everything. Here is another set of tips on getting your priorities straight in your life.

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