Sometimes kids say or do the oddest things that leave parents scratching their heads in confusion. Like, "Did we really raise this human?"

It's happened to all of us parents at one time or another.

1. Not only is this a detailed Christmas list, but states the benefits of getting what he wants

2. This kid who took "chill out" to level zen

3. How many babies does it take to clean a house?

4. When sneaking is for a good cause

5. Of course boredom makes you do math for fun

6. This seems like a serious memory

7. This kid clearly has malfunctioning taste buds

8. Who doesn't want sweets after a nap?

9. Toy choices are getting stranger

10. A little fire hydrant love

11. It's like he just broke the unspoken kid rule

12. There's nothing wrong with regularity

13. That's dedication

14. Um...

15. PB&J with a side of crispy fried onions, naturally

16. When your kid has more taste in style than you do

17. OK. I'll claim this kid

Kids will often surprise us with the things they say or do. They definitely all have their own unique abilities and qualities that make them who they are. As parents, you should encourage and support them, while giving necessary nudges in the right direction when necessary. The kids mentioned above seem to be on the right path.

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