If you've spent years creating magical clues like this,

it's a tragic day when your babies ask if Easter Bunny is real. You're not alone in your sadness.

Here are some ways other parents answered this important question.

Slip it to them when they least expect it.

"Opened an Easter egg with a note on the inside that said ... 'Guess who's not real?'"

_-Reddit user

Be 100 percent honest.

"Once they start asking questions, they're ready for answers. (I've always used that rule of thumb ... and it's never turned out poorly.) Answering those questions with honesty sends a message that your kids can trust you. Believe me, you WANT him coming to you with questions instead of getting his information from friends."

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Answer vaguely.

Not a fan. ?#scaryeasterbunny

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"We have a 4-year-old and she has the belief in Easter Bunny and Santa, but when we went to the mall (not to take pictures) and she saw the bunny, she said he can't be real because he's wearing glasses (the costume had glasses). I just told her she might be right."

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Introduce Mommy Bunny.

"My son is 8 and finally 'broke the news' to me this year that he hasn't believed in anybody for quite some time. ... Now, instead of Easter Bunny coming, Easter Mommy left him a basket and Tooth Craigy (my fiancé's name is Craig) left him a silver dollar for his last tooth."

_-Reddit user

Make it real.

"Santa, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny are real. They are us when we sneak around to gather teeth and leave toys or money. They are us when we choose to make baskets and hide them or have that one special present come from Santa. Kids figure it out by themselves and one should not remove magic from childhood. My mother to this day talks about Easter Bunny like he is real (I am 58 and Amy, my daughter, is 25). She makes him sound so real. ... As long as you play the part, they are real. ... They live on in us."

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Let the friends spill the beans.

Keep going with it even when they know it's fake.

Fofuraaaaa ???? #mae_festeira #newborn #newbornphotography #bebes #pascoa #easter Imagem do Ig @decorefesta

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"Your kid's life won't be lessened by not believing in fake creatures. We do Santa and such at our house but are open about how it is something we pretend because it's fun. If the tradition is important to you, keep it going as a fun family thing, even if it isn't real."

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Let Google be the teacher.

Show them a picture of this giant, real bunny.

Send them to this brutal teacher.


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"First day of first grade there was a poster on the wall that said, "Santa, Easter Bunny, leprechauns, dragons and unicorns aren't real. But grades are."

_-Reddit user

Let them figure out the answer on their own.

"You never tell them the truth. My parents still maintain that they are real. Kids figure it out on their own. It's not something you have to sit down and reveal to them."

_-Popsugar user

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