One flaw we have as human beings is that we are want-ers. We want things. Wanting is fine; it is a normal part of our makeup, but the flaw in wanting is that we want things without having to wait for them. We constantly ask God for trials to end or for new opportunities to come, and we begin to doubt our faith when nothing happens in a certain timeframe.

Patience: A word that makes us all cringe and resist the urge to spit fire.

Patience is one of the many virtues we have to constantly strive for in this life, and it is not easily achieved. Even the wisest beings have struggled to master patience. From little children continuously asking "are we there yet?" during the family road trip, to being forced to wait two years for the next Star Wars movie, patience is a shoelace that gradually unravels with every step we take.

So, how then do you prevent your patience from wearing thin when you are waiting for a miracle? Here are 4 ways:

Believe in the future

We have all heard the famous saying: "Good things come to those who wait." But have you ever truly absorbed that message before? Throughout this life, we are handed so many trials and setbacks that constantly leave us questioning everything we believe in. If we never had to work or wait for blessings and promises to be fulfilled, how would we grow in strength and spirit?

Growth and development are two of the many reasons we were placed on the earth. Trials are meant to push our patience to the limit, and when we are continuously faithful, we grow and find strength in ourselves for the future. There is nothing more to it than that simple truth. Your future is as bright as you believe it will be.

Believe in timing

Our recollection of time is very much different from God's. When we want something, we want it at the exact moment we think of it. With that idea in mind, just because we believe we are ready for something, does not mean God says we are. We must trust and have faith in God's timing. Everything you face in your life is preparing you for things that are yet to come. If you are continuously faithful and obedient, your life will continuously grow brighter with each passing day. Miracles happen at the right time. Having faith in timing is a vital key in finding true happiness within your life.

Believe in God

All of God's children are imperfect people. Can you imagine how frustrating it is for Him to watch us make mistakes and constantly doubt in His plan for us? We constantly disappoint Him, and yet His love and support in us does not change. God has unfathomable and unshakable patience and faith in His children. Why can we not return the favor and have continuous faith in Him? He is perfect; in that light, He will not fail us nor disappoint us. He is here to lift and support us in all we do.

Times get hard and unbearably confusing, but if we continue to pray and have faith in our blessings to come, there is no need to fear. Hold on to Him. Do not let His presence and your faith in Him slip away from you. He does not hand you anything He knows you cannot overcome. He never told us this journey was going to be easy, but He did say it would be worth it all in the end.

Believe in yourself

We doubt ourselves much too often. We focus so much on our weaknesses and mistakes that we do not realize how much potential we truly have. In the midst of waiting for a miracle, believe. Believe in your strength. Believe in your own capacity for patience. Believe that as a good and faithful person, you are worthy of blessings and good things to come. Believe you are strong enough to overcome whatever trial you may be facing. Believe in your worth. Believe in your identity as a child of God. Believe in yourself.

Patience is never truly perfected, but it can become a virtue to you when you truly believe and need it most. Miracles take time to come to pass, and we may not always understand why we are asked to go through such trying times, but it will all be explained one day. In the meantime, do not doubt in your Father in Heaven. He is with you at all times, and He will never abandon you. Rely on His strength and the unwavering faith He has in you. Have faith in Him, timing, your bright and brilliant future, and the strength inside yourself.

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