Just when you think you have your darling little newborn figured out, something changes, and you have to figure things out all over again. From the minute your child is conceived, they are constantly growing, changing, and learning. One of the things that most parents find to be the most curious about learning to understand their new little ones is that of the ever-changing sleeping habits and patterns of children.

Newborns sleep, well, pretty much all the time, and it's lovely, but you find yourself wishing they would be a little more active, and stay awake a little more. It isn't too long before they are down to just three naps a day. Just when you have the three naps a day schedule figured out, they go down to two, then one, and one day they will give up naps altogether.

Here are the top five signs that it is time to phase out a nap, or all of them

When your child starts to fight naptime, more than usual

, it is usually a sign they aren't really that tired. Granted, they all have their past tired tantrums, but if you know your child, and you just keep thinking "why aren't you tired", or "it's naptime, why are you jumping on your bed," chances are, they don't need that nap anymore.

Waking more frequently at night

is also a sign that it is time to take one, or all, of the naps away. It is best if you take one nap away at a time. Go from three, to two, to one, and then eventually, usually around age three or four, they give up naps all together.

If your child is happier during the day around the time they would normally be napping

, they probably don't need a nap. A sure sign it's time for a nap is a cranky child. Well, if your child isn't cranky, and is being an absolute peach, there is no need for the nap.

If your child is waking up earlier in the morning than usual,

they are getting too much sleep during the daytime. Your child only needs a certain amount of sleep per age, per day. If they are getting all the sleep they need before the night is over, they will wake up refreshed and ready to play. This is a really good sign that naps need to be limited or taken away.

Lastly, if your child doesn't really protest naps, but ends up just playing in their crib or bed during nap time,

they are ready to give up that nap.

We all look forward to those nap times, it is what helps get us through the day, but before you know it your little newborn is a walking, talking toddler, and just around the corner is kindergarten. It is important that you notice what your child is trying to tell you. Unnecessary naps are frustrating for mommy and baby, so eliminate the frustration by watching for key signs that it is time to eliminate the naps.

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