Few would disagree that a sweet, squirmy puppy is an adorable treat. Puppies are cute, and loads of fun, and they grow into loving, loyal companions. Protectors and pals, dogs can't be beat as pets.

However, a dog is just that: a pet. While they make excellent companions, couples that opt to have dogs instead of babies miss out on so much of what life is all about.

Of course, many willing couples aren't able to bear children. They yearn to have babies but physically can't, so they bring home the furry variety, instead. Those parents are in a completely different category than the ones that forgo childbearing for other reasons.

Here are some reasons why you should consider parenting a two-legged baby over a four-legged one.

  • Your child will be around a lot longer than your dog.

Hate to say it, but your sweet doggie probably won't be there for you in your old age. With children, the seasons of your life are enhanced as you watch them grow from toddlers to teens to adults, marry, provide you with grandchildren and help you in your old age.

  • Having a baby is a selfless act of love.

Sure, not having kids allows you more freedom to work, travel and engage in your interesting hobbies. But life is about so much more - building families.

It's a challenging, expensive and stressful journey to have a baby and raise a child. But it's absolutely rewarding all the same. Your love for your children will astonish you. As you raise them, you'll grow, stretch and improve as you learn patience and how to give and sacrifice selflessly.

  • Christmas cards look better with a gaggle of kids.

Children, with their cowlicks, dimples and wide brown eyes are an extension of ourselves. What a joy to watch their physical traits and personalities evolve. It's fascinating to see the bits and pieces they inherit from you and your spouse all mixed up with their own unique makeup.

Having children and witnessing their growth and development instills in you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  • The world is scary, but I believe God is in charge, and he wants us to have kids.

The argument that it's too risky to have children in today's wicked world is silly. Throughout time, every era has had its moral and physical dangers and hardships, but people have continued to produce children. Life goes on. And life is about experiencing challenges so that we can learn, progress and grow.

Have babies with the faith that they will lead rewarding and successful lives. Vow to be a consistent, positive, present force in your children's lives, and they will turn out just fine.

  • Your figure won't be the same, but you're going to get older anyway.

True, childbirth and nursing take their toll on a mommy's body. But lots of moms bounce back with regular exercise. Sleep deprivation? It's no fun, but it all goes back to the joys outweighing the sacrifices.

If you're putting off babies or on the fence about having any at all, I believe that families are part of God's plan for his children. And, you'll never regret your children.

Here are more reasons why couples should consider having children.

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