Adding a new member to the family is supposed to be a joyous occasion full of smiles, happy tears and plenty of pictures. But this wasn't the case for 17-year-old Danijela Kovacevic of Serbia.

She fell into a coma

Not long after giving birth to her baby girl in 2009, Danijela complained of pain in her abdomen. The doctors ignored it, thinking it was nothing.

But it was something, and it would claim the next seven years of her life. Danijela's heart stopped for 20 minutes. She developed sepsis and suffered from blood poisoning as she fell into a vegetative state, also known as a waking coma.

Her daughter waits for her mother's hug

Through all of this, her daughter, Marija, continued to grow and live a normal life. She lived with her maternal grandma and attended kindergarten.

Even though Danijela never got to raise her young child, Marija always remembered her. For seven long years, she was by her mom's side, waiting for her to wake up.

After school, Marija is close to her mama every day, a family friend said. She comforts her, makes her laugh and does not give up hope that she will touch her and embrace her.

Ne zaboravimo, borba za buđenje ♥ Danijele ♥ još uvijek traje!...

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She is working hard to recover

Now at 25 years old, Danijela astounded doctors by waking up. The mother is undergoing intensive therapy and doctors report that "she can now hold a tablet and a pen in her hand, can sit up, and can follow conversations."

Though Danijela still has a long road ahead of her, her seven-year-old daughter finally gets the hug she's been waiting for. She embraces her mother in the biggest hug her little arms can give.

A Facebook group called "Support for Danijela Kovacevic" updates followers on Danijela's progress. The photo below of her sitting up in bed is captioned "Determined to win!"

Entschlossen zu siegen! 😍

Danijela hat gestern wohl ihre Mama überraschen wollen. 😊
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She certainly is determined. Danijela is taking physical and speech therapy, and she can now sit up and follow conversations. She is more aware of what is going on around her. Danijela smiles and gets angry, her father, Djordje Kovacevic, said.

Danijela can also walk 800 meters, which Djordje said is a huge achievement for her.

But her journey is far from over

Danijela and her family are already facing another problem. Serbia's Republic Health Insurance Fund only approved three months at the treatment facility.

With the approved treatment over, the family desperately seeks out other options. They need 50,000 more euros to continue treatment, so a Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise the money this mother needs to recover.

Even with their struggles, Danijela's family and friends remember to take joy in the progress. "She laughs heartily and reacts with their emotions and with movements on everything!" a friend said. "Danijela is on the right path to come to us."

By April 2016, she was back at home with her mother and daughter as they continue to raise funds and receive donations for treatment.

Zurück im Hof bei der Oma, da wo Danijela jetzt lebt.

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Her mother looks on the positive side and frequently posts updates on her Facebook page. "She doesn't give up," Vesna Draskovic, said. "My Hero!"

As for Marija, the look on her face shows she's happier than words could ever tell.

Life can be hard – Especially for Danijela from Serbia. The young mother suffered from a blood poisoning after giving...

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