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WWE legend Kurt Angle recently shared a traumatic experience while vacationing in Miami with his family. On the latest episode of the “Kurt Angle Show,” Angle, an Olympic gold medalist, said he and his daughter, Giuliana, were out jet skiing when they flipped over into the ocean. Angle described the fear that took over him while ensuring he wasn’t going underwater.

Angle said on the podcast, “Thank God my daughter is like an Olympic-caliber swimmer. I even had the safety vest on, but it wasn’t working; I was still sinking. I can’t swim, so I’m in trouble. I couldn’t get above water; I was going under. My daughter kept her composure. The jet ski got away from us and was like 50 feet away from us. She didn’t know whether to go to the jet ski or me, but she came over to me and saved my life. She pulled me over to the jet ski. She swam 50 yards with me in her hands.”

Angle continued, “I couldn’t get myself on the jet ski. My arms are so weak now because of my neck I can’t push myself up. So now, she’s putting her hands under my [expletive] and pushing me up onto the jet ski, and she got me up there. Then she jumped up behind me, and I said, ‘You know what, honey? You just saved my life.’”

During his pro wrestling career, Angle had several surgeries on his neck. In a July 2022 interview with Fox News Digital, Angle opened up about his journey to stardom and his challenges. He hoped his journey and story could inspire others. He said, “I want them to know that this documentary is about overcoming everything — all obstacles, addiction, injuries, death of family members, personal things in your lives. It’s about redemption and gaining back your reputation after you lose it. And I want everybody to know that it’s possible. Even at the worst point in your life, you can still come out of it and come out shining.”

Biography: WWE Legends” featured Angle’s life from being a high school wrestling star to his Olympic champion days and WWE stardom. It also discussed Angle’s struggles with painkillers. In the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Angle won a gold medal and worked hard to get to that point. While suffering from a broken neck, Angle beat Iranian Abbas Jadidi for the gold medal in the men’s freestyle 100 kg category.

After feeling skeptical about joining pro wrestling, Angle signed a contract with WWE, then known as WWF, in 1998 and started training, but this training was different from the kind he was used to. Angle trained for about eight months before making his debut. His gimmick was he was an Olympic hero, a milk-drinking athlete who showed the audience how hard he worked on his craft.

Kurt Angle has had a fascinating life, from winning an Olympic gold medal to a WWE pro-wrestling career. However, nothing will top being saved from drowning by your 11-year-old daughter.

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