Time goes too fast and before you know it your children, yourself and even your siblings are grown up. In this sweet video, five-year-old Sadie realizes that her baby brother is going to grow up and the thought pains her. She doesn't want him to grow up. She wants him to remain small and cute.

Strong bonds between siblings can bring much happiness in a family. You can help your children maintain a close friendship throughout the years by doing these 3 things.

1. Participate in family activities

Regular time spent as a family is the best way to stay close to one another. These times together create memories and bonds of friendship. When planning activities, it is important you choose a variety of activities that cater to the interests of all your children. For example, play games, go for walks and take regular vacations. Dedicate at least one night a week to the family and do not let other activities distract your family from that one special night.

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2. Eat dinner as a family

Family dinner is a time when siblings can talk about their day. If children are in school, they can talk to each other about the activities they participated in, the things they learned or their funny and embarrassing moments. Family dinner gives siblings the chance to communicate with one another. As children grow up, these opportunities to talk to one another become less and less. Family dinner allows children to find common interests, ask for help from siblings when needed and spend time laughing and enjoying one another's company.

3. Start when they are young

Sibling friendships need to begin when children are young. As children grow up, many distractions enter their lives and many arguments between siblings develop. It is important the foundation for strong sibling friendship is there so when those tough times come, the friendship will not quiver.

If you provide opportunities for your children to develop close relationships, they too may shed a tear at a sad thought regarding their own sibling.

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