Being a mom is one of the most rewarding, exhausting, frustrating, exciting, wonderful and difficult jobs around. No other career can compare to that of being a mother. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working mom or somewhere between, you'll probably relate to these situations.

You're living the life of a mom if. . .

Leaving the house without something smeared on your clothing is a small miracle.

After finally getting the older kids off to school, the younger ones dressed, everyone fed and locating multiple pairs of shoes for tiny feet, moms don't have much time to focus on their own appearance. A ponytail, T-shirt, jeans, running shoes and a quick make-up job seem to be standard. Presentable, but not too fancy. More often than not, a small discovery can lead to embarrassment. Peanut butter. Snot. Syrup. Juice stains. Spit-up. Having young children often means being used as a human napkin. Unfortunately, this often goes unnoticed until you are out in public, have just returned home or maybe not even until the end of the day.

Taking a shower without someone screaming "Mom!" seems almost like 5-10 minutes at the spa.

Kids don't really understand privacy, and even when they do, it seems that moms aren't thought of as a person who needs private time. My youngest two kids have entered the bathroom while I was showering and screamed at the same time they threw themselves up against the shower door. It's like being in a horror movie. It's startling to suddenly have someone attack you in the shower! You can lock the door, but that doesn't solve the problem. So if, by some chance, you can escape for 10 minutes, that's a great day.

Food you don't have to cook yourself is delicious regardless of what it is.

Whether at a restaurant, church, neighborhood barbecue or at a potluck, if the meal takes less preparation or clean up afterward, not only is it a nice break, but the meal tastes that much better.

You start to wonder if you have A.D.H.D.

Moms sometimes struggle to accomplish much during the day, mostly due to countless interruptions from their young children. Finding time to focus on one task at a time seems near impossible. If you've ever found yourself doing dishes one minute, then getting a drink for a child, then picking up toys, then changing a diaper, then playing dolls or cars, then cooking a meal and then realizing you never finished doing the dishes that you started two hours ago, then you're likely a mom.

It takes 20-30 extra minutes to get something done that should only take 5 minutes.

Have you ever just needed to grab one item at the grocery store, but it somehow took 40 minutes instead of 5? Or have you tried to simply leave the house and 20 minutes later you're finally getting in the car? This could be a symptom of motherhood. Finding lost shoes, changing a last-minute diaper, collecting toys, redressing another child and finally buckling them into car seats only to then realize you can't find your car keys are common problems mothers face when trying to do simple tasks like running errands.

You've ever shut yourself in the pantry to eat a treat.

You have a hidden supply of chocolate or cookies, but you really don't want to share. Sounds selfish, but it's really for sanity's sake! So, you hide yourself in the pantry, your bedroom, a closet or even the bathroom to quickly scarf down the delicious confection in secret - safe from the eyes, ears and noses of little ones who would surely only leave you with a tiny nibble. Covert snacking is a tactic mothers use to enjoy a treat without sharing.

A hospital stay is almost as luxurious as a hotel.

Think about it: Sure, you're in the hospital for something that may not be fun, but you have nothing to do while you're there. You can watch TV or read all day in your bed; people bring you meals that taste good because you didn't have to cook them; you don't have to clean up after eating; and nurses and doctors come in to check on you and see if there is anything you need or you can use the "call" button. It's almost like being a kid, again. OK, it may be expensive, but you can surely try to enjoy the silence while you're cooped up.

Packing for a family vacation and cleaning up afterward is more work than the trip is fun.

Clothes, snacks, toiletries, entertainment and planning for the unexpected takes a lot of physical and mental effort. You have lots of fun and memory making during the trip, but then you arrive home. The aftermath of the trip is intense: loads of laundry, messes, fatigue and lots of belongings to put away. It can take a few days to catch up and be back in the normal routine.

Being a mother requires strength of mind and lots of physical endurance. Luckily, it's all worth it in the end. Our miniature bosses are funny, snuggly and love us even when we are at our wits' end. It's a good thing they are irresistibly adorable.

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