Seeing how dressing up as a creepy clown for Halloween is probably no longer an option, take a gander at these clever costume ideas that'll bring a smile to everyone's face.

Good luck deciphering some of these puns! As to not preemptively give away the punch-line, a description of what each costume means will be under each image. Ready? GO!

1. She's a ceiling fan

2. It's a cow pi

Jack-in-a-Box! #babysfirsthalloween #punnycostume #happyhalloween #2monthsold #littlepeanut #itsmyjackinabox

A photo posted by Robyn Michael (@robynbrianne44) on

3. A Jack in the Box

4. Dunkin' Donuts

My favourite black eyed "p" #halloween #halloween2014 #costume #punnycostume #blackeyedps

A photo posted by Melina Harrie (@melinaharrie) on

5. Black Eye'd Peas

Happy Halloween!

A photo posted by Elysha Davila (@elyshar) on

6. Stop, Hammer time

@sdavidrees has an awesome costume!! Can you guess what it is?!? Its Maroon 5 haha get it #pun #punnycostume

A photo posted by Cafe Lift (@cafelift) on

7. Maroon 5

8. Smarty Pants

I'm 50 shades of Grey. Happy Halloween! #Halloween #1stcostume #happyhalloween #clevercostume #50shades

A photo posted by Haley (@theofficialradio) on

9. 50 shades of gray

10. Red Solo cup

11. French Kiss

12. A salt (assault) and battery

13. The gingerbread man

If you don't understand my costume we can't be friends #happyhalloween #costumepuns

A photo posted by Erin McCleary (@mccncheese) on

14. A fork in the road

Social Butterflies #halloween #WeWin #CostumePuns

A photo posted by Alyssa (@littlemisslys) on

15. Social butterflies

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