When it comes to Valentine's Day, it's not really a holiday for your mister. I mean, how many gents are really looking forward to a night out in a fancy — and expensive — restaurant, crossing their fingers an enormous bouquet of red roses awaits them at a candlelit table for two? Granted, anyone in their right mind loves a giant teddy bear, but here are some truly manly gifts to make February 14th just a little more masculine:

A bouquet of long-stemmed roses ..

" made of bacon, that is. Say "love" with crispy, salty bacon, artfully twisted into roses. This tutorial shows you the easy steps to instantly make your man smile (because we all know the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach).

#whatiwant #baconroses #creative #bacon #roses
This is so much better than flowers!!!!!

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Romantic spa day, anyone?

The Man Can is the ideal way to gift a day at the spa in a way your mister will love (seriously). Filled with super practical shower items that smell divine, the whole thing is packaged into a one-gallon paint can. One user named "Batman" loves how he can keep his tools in the gallon can once the nice smelling goodies are gone. If this bath set is good enough for Batman, it'll be a home run for your hero of a husband.

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Till death do you part "¦ until the zombies come

Nestle up with your man for a couple of hours watching a show that's manly and romantic "¦ those zombie televisions shows certainly have loads of blood-red hearts to classify it as a Valentine's flick, right?

I ❤ you like a zombie ❤'s brains. #HappyValentinesDay #ZombieValentines

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A big box of chocolates

This cliché has a bit of a spicy twist to make chocolates just a touch more masculine. Everyone adores a box of sweets; but step up the manliness game by gifting him a box of chocolate-dipped jalapeños. As a bonus, if you give him his own box of goodies, he won't want to share those chocolate-dipped strawberries he surprised you with at work.

#chocolatepears #chocolatejalapenos and #chocolatebacon I had such a good time at #chocolatefest yesterday ?

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Send him a love letter

Your gushy sentiments written out on paper is something he'll adore, though he might not admit it to his buddies at work. Distill down your romantic feelings with a catchy "Hey Handsome!" shaving kit bag. The bag is something he'll see every day, and the cute text at the bottom is a forever reminder of that love letter he has tucked away.

Who's handsome? You're handsome! Featured for Valentine's Day in People and Real Simple this week.

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A chick flick full of sword fights and giants (but really)

If the zombie shows aren't really your cup of tea, love is the language of compromise — meaning a romantic action movie. Snag a few of his favorite snacks, extra blankets and pop some popcorn for a Valentine's movie like "The Princess Bride." The romantic plot has loads of very manly action scenes to keep you both happy.

#princessbride #mawwiage #embroidery

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Send him a card

Skip the generic and sappy Hallmark versions and capture your husband's personality with these cards by Emily McDowell. There are no frills, no poems and no sappy clichés — just hilarious honesty. If McDowell doesn't have a choice that communicates your man's real personality, maybe just bombard every conceivable item with a post-it note for him to find throughout the day.

Testing out one of these ideas on Valentine's Day may just make it your husband's new favorite holiday!

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