You can buy a Valentine card and that will be fine, even more than adequate if you write an endearing message in your own handwriting, not just signing your name. However, if you want to be richly rewarded with multiple hugs and kisses you might try one of these creative ideas that will put a lasting glow into "I love you." Valentine's Day only comes once a year, so you might as well make it memorable. Here are a few ideas shared by our Facebook friends. We're impressed with their creativity.

1. Bouquet of pictures

Jennie said, "Neither one of us likes to spend lots of money on fresh flowers. So one Valentine's Day, I made and delivered to his work, a bouquet of my favorite pictures of the two of us on bamboo skewers, arranged them in a vase, along with skewers full of Hershey kisses, and a mini banner strung across it that read, "I LOVE US!" Then, from the door he comes out of to go home, I left a path of cut out hearts on the sidewalk to his truck (stuck down with some poster putty so they wouldn't fly away). On each one of them was written something that I love about him or a favorite memory of him. I didn't stop there, though. I covered his truck with hearts, too, so there was no mistaking who the hearts were for!! I filled the cab of his truck with some if his favorite treats, balloons and confetti and a letter." We don't even have to guess how loved this guy must have felt.

2. Special letter

David said, "I wrote my wife a letter one year, which does not seem too big, but where I don't express my feelings as much, it meant a lot to her." That kind of Valentine can be read over and over and saved forever. Give it a try.

3. Let her sleep

Stacy, a sleep-deprived wife, the mother of three young children wrote, "I am beyond exhausted! At breakfast, I started crying 'I am SO tired all the time!' So being the sweet husband that he is, he came home on his lunch hour and watched the kids so I could sleep, then he stayed a little later than lunch to put our kindergarten son on the bus and put our little daughter down for a nap. Since the baby was sleeping, I kept sleeping. It was wonderful. Thank you, sweetheart, for being such a considerate, loving husband. You're the best!" If you do this on Valentine's Day all you need to do is add a note that says, "Happy Valentine's Day. I love you."

4. Paper hearts with messages

Tonya wrote: "Until our kids moved out of the house we always made paper hearts with things we loved about them written on them and stuck them all over their walls while they were sleeping. I was so surprised one year to wake up in the morning and see that my husband had obviously woken up in the middle of the night and done the same thing about me in our room. To this day, he still writes what he loves about me on paper hearts and sticks them up. I love it."

5. Homemade gift

Jenice wrote: "Our first year of marriage, we were pretty broke, so my husband made me a dozen roses out of pipe cleaners & doilies, then wrote a reason he loved me on each. So sweet. I saved them all in a memories box. I'm one lucky girl to have the man I married."

6. Car full of flowers

Julie wrote: "My husband once filled the entire front seat of my car with flowers. He purchased them from a flower shop that was going to get rid of them (think 'day old' - but they were still in good shape), so they were cheap. I had fun filling jars, cups, vases, and buckets of flowers in my kitchen!"

7. Surprises in unexpected places

Debi wrote: "I hide stuff in my husband's pockets, shoes, briefcase, thermos, truck, office, shower, and coat, including mini 'Superman' action figures because I always call him the 'Man of Steel.' He then hides them back in my office, refrigerator, car, purse, night stand, pillows, socks, etc. When he is gone all day, they crack me up to find them!"

Bonus idea

You could make a Valentine peek-a-boo pound cake. Might as well make your whole family smile on this special day.

When all's said and done

Valentine's Day isn't about what your true love gives to you, it's about what you give to her or him. Making your spouse happy on this special day can't help but bring you happiness. And you just watch, your mate will reward you tenfold.

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