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Breakfast should be your most important meal of the day, especially if you are someone who stays busy. Breakfast ensures you will have the fuel you need to take on the day's challenges. It can also be a significant source of important vitamins and nutrients like fiber and Vitamin B. More importantly, to give you the burst of energy you need you'll need protein.

A high protein breakfast will increase your ability to stay concentrated, on task, with your full attention because it helps to regulate your glucose levels. Furthermore, it has been shown that including at least 20g of high quality protein at breakfast helps to keep levels of the hormone insulin regulated, which in turn is powerfully linked to appetite control, and indirectly weight control long term. If your goal is to maximize your nutritional intake whilst also keeping the scales from creeping up, here are the best protein rich breakfasts to supercharge your day.

Canadian Bacon-and-Egg Sandwich

Craving bacon? Cook up the Canadian kind. Made from lean cuts of pork, a two-slice serving has 12 grams of protein and less than 2 grams of fat. Serve it on a whole-wheat English muffin with an egg. You’ll stay full longer, too. Research shows that people who had eggs in the morning ate 22 percent fewer calories at lunch than those who had a bagel.

Smoked Salmon Toast

Fish is an excellent breakfast food. Not only does it have a ton of protein, but the healthy omega-3 fats can help everything from your skin to your brain. Keep things easy by putting three ounces of smoked salmon or trout on one slice of whole-grain toast or a bagel of your choosing. Optional toppings include cottage cheese, grated horseradish, dijon mustard, chopped parsley, chopped dill, tomato, chopped chives, lemons, or salt and pepper.

Avocado Omelet

Eggs are a no-brainer for protein. We suggest mixing in veggies and herbs into your omelet and topping with avocado for healthy fats, which will boost the satiety factor. Using three eggs will give you about 19 grams of protein, so fold in some cheese, black beans, or meat if you want to get closer to 30 grams.

Mini Egg Frittatas

If a simple egg for breakfast sounds boring, try these individual frittatas. Mix two whole eggs and one extra egg white together with two ounces of sautéed vegetables. For even more protein, add 3 ounces of turkey sausage. Simply pour the mixture into muffin tins and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook until you can insert a knife in them and it comes out clean, which should take about 20 to 25 minutes. These are a perfect option if you're not a morning person, as they can be made ahead and then reheated quickly on your way out the door.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Thicker than the regular yogurt, Greek yogurt packs in more protein. One cup will deliver 23 grams. It’s also high in bone-building calcium and potassium. For a filling breakfast, layer the creamy yogurt with your favorite fruits and a high-fiber cereal or granola. Before serving, stir in that liquid sitting on top of the yogurt. That’s whey, and there’s protein in it.

Veggie Cottage Cheese Bowl

Prefer cottage cheese over yogurt? Cottage cheese is a great start to the day. Half a cup of cottage cheese has 14 grams of protein and only about 80 calories. Combine with chopped or shredded veggies like spinach, bell pepper, tomatoes, zucchini, and red onion, and mix with extra virgin olive oil pesto. Chill overnight for a quick grab and grab go in the morning. If you prefer a sweeter breakfast, you can top with fiber-rich berries and granola instead.

Blackberry Almond Butter Toast

Switch out your basic white bread, jam and peanut butter for healthier options to get a meal that is packed with protein and nutrients. Chia seeds mixed with mashed blackberries make a great no-sugar-added substitute for jelly. This mixes great on whole-wheat toast with your favorite almond butter. It's the grown-up version of your favorite meal as a kid, a PB&J.

Minty Quark Shake

You probably have never heard of quark, but it's a German-style yogurt that has more protein and texture like a cheesecake. Its thicker consistency makes it the ideal addition when whipping up a protein shake. Blend in a cup of quark, cucumber, mint leaves and milk for this easy recipe. This is a great option for those that don't like eating too much right in the morning or before they start their workout.

If you want to start your day off right then add some protein to your morning meal. Research shows that getting plenty of this nutrient first thing helps you stay full and satisfied longer. It may even help you eat less throughout the day. It's worth carving out time each morning to make the perfect meal.

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