Mother Teresa said, "Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty." Today is your day to watch out for those who are emotionally in "the most terrible poverty" and give them a richer day.

Cheer Up the Lonely


Be the Visitor Someone Needs

If you don't personally have a neighbor, friend or family member who could use a friendly visit, there will always be someone at your local nursing home, assisted living or VA hospital who would love one. You can easily find out the visiting hours by calling, and most places have suggestions on who could use a visit if you ask.

If trying to start a conversation with a stranger is out of your comfort level, consider printing these talking prompts to take along with you (you can download a PDF here).

Send a Phonebook Letter

The truth is, every single one of us gets lonely: even those surrounded by people. The idea of a Phonebook Letter is to help the everyday, ordinary person.

As a family, go through and randomly pick someone from the phone book to send a letter to. If you are like us and tossed your phonebook away as soon as you got it, use a site like AnyWho. Pick a name, type it in, and choose which address you want to send a letter to.

Print out the stationery and write whatever you want or use these letter writing prompts (but remember, this is a stranger, so don't include any personal identifying information):

  • What do you hope they will feel when they get this letter?

  • What's something that makes you happy

  • An unusual fact about you or a random fact you think is really cool

  • What do you like about the town you're from?

  • What something that keeps you going when you're discouraged?

Famifi this: Discuss as a family Mother Teresa's quote above. Why do you think she says those who are lonely are in the "most terrible poverty"? What are other ways you could help those who are lonely?

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