What's more American than picnics? Well maybe baseball and rock and roll (and a lot of other things), but today is all about the great American picnic. The best part? It's super easy.

Have a Whole World of Adventure on Your Picnic Blanket


Try these six blanket games. If you have a family of three or fewer, the best game options will be Guess Who, Flip It or the Original Mannequin Challenge.

Recommended Group Size 2+

Blindfold one person and have them walk away from the group. Pick someone in the group to get under the blanket. Then, have the blindfolded person come back. Everyone remains silent. Using their hands to feel, they must analyze who is missing from the group and guess who is under the blanket.

Everyone stands on the blanket. Without anyone getting off, your family must figure out how to turn the blanket over so everyone is now standing on the opposite side of the blanket. If anyone falls off, you all must start over. Once you've flipped it over, challenge yourself by making the blanket smaller and doing the game again.

Have someone stand posed as a statue under the blanket. Without looking under the blanket, have someone else try to mimic the exact statue pose. Then remove the blanket and see how well they did.

Recommended Group Size 4+

Divide the family into two teams. Pick a finish line. Everyone stands with their team on their "boat" (aka blanket). The goal is to work as a team to move the blanket with everyone on it past the finish line. But watch out - if someone falls off the blanket they are eaten by sharks, so make sure to make it a smooth ride!

Divide your family into two teams (or recruit other people around you). Each group is stranded on a shrinking island! As the ocean tears away bits of the island, fold the blanket to make your island smaller. The team who can fold their blanket the smallest and all remain on the island wins.

Recommended Group Size 10+

If your group is big enough, divide into two groups of 5 and pick a finish line. One person will get into the middle of the blanket and the other four will pick up the edges. Those carrying the edges of the blanket must carry the person sitting in the blanket across the finish line without the person touching the ground. Whichever team crosses the line first wins.

Famifi This: Eating together as a family - whether a picnic, or a regular meal around the dinner table - has major benefits. Studies show children who eat dinner with their parents five or more days a week are closer to their parents, do better in school, are less likely to have problems with alcohol and drugs than those who do not.

Check out these five meals you can make together as a family for your next family dinner night.

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