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"Real Housewives of Miami" star Larsa Pippen is doubling down on her descison to give her daughter a hefty allowance. The mom of four, 48, recently appeared on the "Real Housewives of Miami" reunion where her castmates made a comment about how much monthly allowance she gives her daughter. Host Andy Cohen was shocked to hear that Pippen gives her 15-year-old daughter, Sophia, a $2,500 monthly allowance. "You guys understand, like, L.A. is super expensive," she said. "So after school, she orders food or Uber or buys presents for her friends’ birthdays." Pippen explained that while she is living in Miami, Sophia is living in L.A. with her father, Scotty Pippen. Sophia made the decision to live in L.A. with her father based on where she wanted to go to high school. Pippen explained that L.A. is much more expensive than Miami and that is why the amount seems so hefty.

When it was revealed just how much money Pippen gives her daughter monthly, it raised a lot of questions about parents giving their children monthly allowances. According to a study from USA Today, 65 percent of parents give their adult children (ages 22-40) some kind of financial support. Out of the parents who support their children who are over the age of 22, the average monthly amount is $718. California is ranked the top spot of most money provided by parents to their children per month at $869. Food is the top category of support that parents provide their children allowance for at 27 percent. According to the study, parents in California say their children should be financially independent by the age of 24. Many people may argue that 24 is too old to be receiving financial support from parents, while others say that inflation plays a big role in the conversation.

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