At the beginning of a new year, many people make resolutions, things they want to improve on or goals to achieve. But, not many people stick with them past the first week of January.

But what if you could improve your life by focusing on three simple actions?

Find your daily purpose

What is your purpose for today? Will you do something kind for someone else? Will you help someone in need? Having a purpose in life makes us feel needed and useful, It can also increase your confidence and daily motivation. Sometimes, it's a stretch to leave our comfort zone, but you can also do things you're already comfortable with and work up to new things as your confidence grows.

What is your daily purpose? Maybe it'll be the same every day, maybe it'll differ day to day or maybe you'll pick more than one. Whatever it may be, find your purpose and latch on to it.

Take control of your day

Maybe being in control means sticking to your goals or perhaps it's completing a list of daily to-dos. Having a sense of organization (no matter how small) helps you to see progress and feel like your life is in control, rather than spinning around in chaos.

Because I work from home frequently, it's difficult to stay on task and not stray to social media. To help with this, a group of friends who also work from home partner up as "accountability partners" who we report to daily on what things we did or did not accomplish and why. Knowing we have to account for our day helps keep us focused. Additionally, we have a clear list of what we need to do that day and checking those items off at the end of the day is gratifying because you can "see" what you've accomplished.

Be positive

It's true that most things or goals will not go according to plan. But, if you remain positive and find solutions rather than focusing on the obstacles, your life will improve because your attitude does. Yes, it's frustrating and stressful when things don't go your way. But you get to choose what to do when that happens. You can have a positive outlook instead of giving up and learning from what went wrong and making new plans or ideas to make it work.

Being positive no matter what enables you to persevere and not get knocked down emotionally when the going gets tough.

In a Washington Post article, their staff shared ideas on what they do to make their life better. Some of their suggestions are things like:

  • doing ten squats each time you use the restroom

  • keeping daily gratitude journals via social media

  • only watching TV or sports while exercising on a stationary bike or treadmill

  • saying something nice to someone, especially when you're having a bad day

  • doing monthly challenges instead of a year-long resolution

  • de-cluttering by getting rid of items you no longer use or need

  • drinking water as your first and last drink of the day

  • reading books to disconnect from the stress of the world

  • meditating or praying during bathroom breaks (that may be the only alone time you have in a day)

  • attending live theater productions

  • packing a lunch for work - it's healthier, saves money and simplifies your day

  • finding a healthy eating routine that works for you

  • riding a bike instead of drive for exercise, fresh air and time to clear your head

By making simple changes and positive choices in your life, you can make your life better and more fulfilling. This new year, you don't have to focus on a short-lived resolution, but rather a lifestyle change that you recommit to daily. If it helps to work with a partner to keep you on track, do it.

If you don't like your current life, you are in charge of making the change. You can make excuses, or you can do the work to take control of your life.

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