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According to a study by, many homebuyers consider where their mom lives when deciding on where to purchase a home. Nearly half of Americans, 47 percent, have moved or plan to move themselves, or their mom, so they can be closer together. According to the survey, about 14 percent of people have already moved to be closer to their mom while 15 percent plan to do so. About 1o percent of the people surveyed said their mom moved closer to them and 8 percent said their moms plan to.

Another group of adults surveyed said they opted to live under the same roof with about 20 percent saying they moved in with their mom and 13 percent saying their mom moved in with them. All of this comes at a time when housing costs have skyrocketed, making it more difficult financially for potential buyers and sellers. Hannah Jones, senior economics research analyst at, shared how moving closer to family can help cut costs of certain things, "either because the area is less expensive or because family can help with childcare, which reduces childcare costs." "Moving in with family and pooling resources can also help a family afford more space or a better location in today's challenging market," Jones said. "As home prices and mortgage rates remain elevated, every little bit helps when it comes to affording a home purchase."

According to a separate report published earlier this month by, while the median list price nationwide didn't increase compared with the prior year, the "typical home’s price per square foot continued to grow and, driven by rising rates, the cost to purchase a home once again outpaced wage growth." In a study from Clever Real Estate, it found that 44 of the 50 biggest metro areas in the U.S. do not have prices low enough to be considered "affordable" for the median-earning household.

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