Maybe he has not said those three magical words to you today yet, or has he? Men normally use a different love language compared to women.

Women are known to be emotional and open whereas men enjoy telling their woman with actions throughout the day to remind their better half how much you mean to them.

Here are some ways your husband uses daily actions instead of words to say "I love you."

1. Grabs your hand in public

There is a reason he likes to hold your hand and it's not just for keeping his hands warm. As a man your husband has a natural instinct to assert his dominance in public, as aggressive as that sounds, he is basically just trying to show others that you belong to him. End of story.

2. Gives long passionate kisses

I'm talking about those kisses that seem to just give you life. The kind that he initiates and just feels endless but finishes too soon to be bearable. The kiss that keeps you longing for more and reminds you just how madly in love you are with your man. Yeah, he is using that kiss to make you remember it all.

3. Listens

He wants to show you that he pays attention. He knows that as your husband it is his duty to show that he listens to what you say, but when he listens to how you feel and what you go through and tries to reconcile and advise you daily then that is how you know he is being extremely sincere.

4. Showers you with affection

I don't think every guy will perform this action but I have been with men in the past who resent me to others in the most loving and affectionate of ways. For instance, my brother loves to do this one, when he is presenting his wife he always says "this is my stunning and beautiful wife Faith." Every time I see him do this when he presents her it makes my heart melt.

5. Stares at you

This action is always proof of how your man loves you, when you are close next to him and he stares or holds his gaze at you for a while. It's so irresistible, because you know from that look that he just adores you and you could not have stolen his heart anymore then you have.

6. Spontaneous touches

When he puts his hand on your knee, or touches your back, or nuzzles your neck. Those are all signs of affection he is trying to show you. Your husband cannot resist touching you, let alone keeping a distance. Those soft touches he leaves a trail of are a symbol of his love.

7. Smiles when he sees you from a distance

You pop out from the corner of a crowded room and a light goes off in his mind as he thinks "there she is." Nothing in the world is more contagious then a smile from the man you love. If there ever is a time when he is away from you, he will still be keeping an eye on you. After all this is a man that can't resist staying away from you for more than a few minutes, when he sees you after that time away he will only smile because you are the one woman who completely enthralls him.

8. Spoils you

He buys you flowers or maybe that new perfume you were dying to get your hands on. This is another sign of his affection for you; he only seeks to demonstrate how much he cares and wants to make you happy. And if his specific love language is gifts then this is a gold mine to scream how much you mean to him.

9. Kisses your hand

This is my personal favorite action that men do that says "I love you." There is something so sweet and tender about your man kissing your hand. It means you're on his mind, it means he is happy with you, it means you are his world. Those small actions scream the loudest, he wants to give you the whole world and above all, for you to know that he is in love with the woman right in front of him. And that his heart solely belongs to you. That is an action only a real man in love will do.

10. Holds you a little longer

Sometimes you will go in for a hug, and the man that literally holds on and does not want to let go is a husband who loves his wife, more then you will ever know. He will hold on to you and spin you around. He will lay himself down at your feet and fall in love with you all over again if he had the chance.

Your husband is a man that provides for the family and does get busy, if he forgets one time to say that magically three worded sentence don't complain but just look for these little things.

A man in love will do any of the actions on this list and is your husbands' way of reminding you that he will always care and always love you.

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