You have a special lady in your life. She is the best, and you feel so lucky to have her.

Or maybe you are in the search for that special woman, the one you want to be the mother of your children, your soul mate, playmate, etc.

Whatever your situation may be, it is just obvious that women can bring so many good things to any relationship. In fact they can bring AMAZING and FABULOUS things to any relationship.

Here are 10 qualities to make you appreciate the woman in your life:

1. Loyalty

Women are loyal. Whether its loyalty to her friends, family or favorite brand-when she loves something, she will stick by it. That also means when she loves you, she will stick by you. Make sure to appreciate that loyal woman of yours.

2. Commitment

Loyalty and commitment can be lumped together, but I think there are some significant differences and that in most women you will find both qualities. Commitment means she will stand by you through the good times and the bad and will support you through whatever life throws at you.

3. Intelligence

This is an important attribute in both men and women because no one wants to feel like they are talking to a wall. Most women have this wonderful attribute, and you love having long in-depth conversations with your lady about politics, religion, world cultures or anything else that catches your fancy.

4. Sass

Let's be real, who doesn't love a women with a little sass? Most woman have this wonderful attribute, and it what will eventually turn them into the greatest momma bear. Women know how to be gentle and kind, but they will also put you in your place if needed.

5. Beauty

While women are so much more than their beauty, it is a great attribute that cannot be denied. All women are beautiful in their unique way, including that special woman in your life. You love the way she looks when she wakes up in the morning, goes to work or gets fixed up for a hot date. She still takes your breath away every time.

6. Humor

She laughs at your jokes. She makes funny quips with your friends. She knows the lines to your favorite comedies. Women have a knack for humor, which is something she definitely brings to the table. Sometimes without trying she can make you laugh, and you love the inside jokes you both share.

7. Class

Women can be funny, sassy and kind of crazy, but most of all they are classy. There is a reason you brought her home to meet your parents because she knows there is a time and a place for certain types of behavior. She's a class act, and at times her elegance astounds you.

8. Fun

If there is anyone who knows how to let out her inner-child at times, it is a woman. When it's time to let off some steam, she is 100% there. She can make even mundane things fun, such as grocery shopping, going to the DMV, etc.

9. Adventure

Women love adventure. Not that this necessarily means every woman out there wants to travel to distant and foreign places, but your brave woman will be up for any adventure big or small.

10. Responsibility

It is so nice, especially when it comes to adulting, to have someone to rely on for the serious and heavy things in life. Women are responsible. She will help you remember when to pay the bills and how to do the taxes. She will encourage you to go after the career you want and to stick with it. She will work hard beside you to save up for the things you want/need. And when the time comes to start a family, she will amaze you with her mothering and multi-tasking skills.

We all know that we need a woman. She will always bring something special to any relationship, especially yours.

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