The things we say have a big impact on our marriages. Men sometimes get the reputation for being the less communicative sex, but that doesn't mean they don't thrive on affirming words from their wives. Whether or not your husband is begging for verbal affection, here are ten compliments that your husband needs to hear.

1. I'm so glad I married you

Men need to feel secure in marriage, and the fastest way to let your man know he's still the one is to tell him outright. This is a great compliment because it can come completely out of the blue, without him having to do anything to earn it. Spontaneous compliments feel genuine and sincere.

2. I love how you provide for our family

Men hold themselves to a high standard when it comes to providing, and they need you to acknowledge their efforts. Let your husband know that he doesn't have to make millions to still make you happy.

3. I'm so proud of you

You'll get far in marriage being your husband's greatest cheerleader. In a world that continuously knocks him down, be the one to always lift him up.

4. You're such a great daddy

If you have kids, praise your husband for his involvement with the family. Modern society often tells dads that they come second to mom, so let him know he's a valuable asset to your family.

5. You're so hot

Your husband needs to know you love the way he looks, even after a few years and a few extra pounds. Many men send and receive love through touch and physical intimacy, so complimenting his body is one of the fastest ways to show him love in a way he understands.

6. Thanks for fixing the broken dryer

Whenever your husband plays Mr. Fix-It around the house, compliment his efforts. He needs to feel capable, especially when he's taking care of you.

7. Thanks for the help around the house

Helping out can be a little scary for the man of the house. Chances are that you have your own way of doing things and he may be afraid of messing up your system. Thank him sincerely when he helps out, regardless of whether he folds the sheets the "right" way.

8. You can always make me laugh

Let your man know that he lightens up your day and brings positive energy into your household. Even if your husband isn't the ha-ha funny type, you can still compliment his stellar smile.

9. You're so strong

The next time your husband lifts a heavy load of laundry, bat your eyelashes a little and compliment his Superman-like strength, even if you could have done the task yourself. Husbands need to know they're good for something, and they certainly need to know they're good for you.

10. I love spending time with you

We all get caught up in the business of everyday life, so let your spouse know that you still love to simply hangout with him. After all, you'll be his best friend and constant companion forever.

Take a little time today to thank the man in your life for all he does. It doesn't take much to make your husband's day, boost his confidence and make him want to lift you up in return.

10 compliments your husband needs to hear

What are some compliments you like to give your husband?


Posted by I Love My Family ( on Friday, May 20, 2016

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