Many guys love the little things their wives do, but they neglect saying the words. The thoughts, "Wow, the house looks clean," or "Yum, this lasagna tastes good" may cross their minds without ever making it to their tongues.

Married men, take note. Vocalizing the nice thoughts you have about your wife is a sure way to warm her heart and increase the love in your marriage.

Here are 10 compliments your wife is dying to hear.

1. "Thank you."

Obviously, gratitude is always appreciated. But a flippant "thanks" sometimes doesn't fly. After hours spent in the kitchen or a particularly trying day with the baby, some heartfelt appreciation is welcome. "I am so lucky. Thanks so much for being my wife," goes a long, long way.

2. "You are beautiful."

Guys, let's face it. Sometimes your wife doesn't look very pulled together. She doesn't always feel desirable or pretty. In those moments, she especially needs to hear that you still think she's cute. Even if you admire her nails, her eyes, or her quirky sense of humor - tell her that she is beautiful.

3. "You are an awesome mom."

No mom does everything perfectly. Kids are a challenge. And all parents have their good and bad days. Even if she never wins "Mother of the year," tell your wife what a tremendous job she does. If your children are fed, clean, dressed, nurtured, and content, your wife really is a terrific mom, and she deserves to hear it.

4. "(Fill in the blank) looks so clean."

Maybe you wash the dishes and your wife scrubs the toilets. Whatever the division of household chores, always acknowledge a job well done. She'll remember to sing your praises, too.

5. "You're so good at your job."

Whether your sweetheart is an attorney, a custodian or a full-time mom admire her work. Take an interest in what she does and praise her unique skills and talents.

6. "Your mom is cool."

Maybe you don't really think your mother-in-law is cool. Maybe you prefer the company of your wife's brother or cousin, instead. Whatever the case, complimenting her family is always sweet. She probably loves her family, and it makes her feel good to know that you do, too.

7. "I like that shirt on you."

Guys, your wife wants to know what you think she wears well. Giving her an unsolicited compliment on her skirt, jeans or sweater always helps in her clothing choices.

8. "I like it when you (fill in the blank)."

Maybe your wife's peach cobbler, shoulder massages or belly laughs make you supremely happy. Let her know. Positively reinforce the things you love about your wife.

9. "You take such good care of our family."

Notice the little things your wife takes care of (packing lunches, washing clothes, cutting hair). Let her know that you notice her efforts and tell her what they mean to you.

10. "I sure love you."

Some husbands are adept at vocalizing those three little words. Others don't express themselves, as well. Whether out loud or in a simple note, tell your wife that you love her - every day.

Keep in mind that you don't have to go overboard. You don't have to present a bouquet or flowery speech. But paying sincere, heartfelt compliments every now and then shows your wife that you love, appreciate and respect her.

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