Fall is my favorite time of year. There's just something delicious about the cooling weather, the snuggly clothes and that strange feeling in the air that signals the year is growing old. All of this makes me want to make my husband a part of the joy I feel. What better way to do that than a series of fun, autumn-themed dates?

With this list, you can be a part of the joy, too. Whether you catch a game, make some grub, or serve a friend, fall is an excellent time to fall in love again.

Watch football

The air grows crisp, and the season is underway. Go support a local school team, whether college, high school or even younger. It can be a great way to enjoy the lingering sunshine and a group of friends.

Go on a plant-identification adventure

With leaves beginning to change, nature is practically begging you to come outside. Check out a few books from the library to brush up on your identification skills (is that a maple or an aspen?) and see if you and your honey can figure out types of foliage.

Enjoy the harvest

Depending on your climate, any number of fruits and vegetables could be available for you and your spouse to pick locally. Ask around your community. Someone may know a friend with fruit trees that are overproducing or a zucchini plant that has gone crazy. Extra points if you have a follow-up date to preserve or bake the produce you brought home.

Rake leaves for a neighbor

If you know someone who finds yard maintenance just too much, volunteer to address the most pressing concerns. Make your insides warm and fuzzy by making someone's outside safe and tidy.

Scope out thrift stores for cold-weather clothes

My husband and I did this last year, and it was a blast. I love shopping for clothes with him because it reminds us of our mutual attraction, not to mention gives us an opportunity to have interesting conversations about tastes and trends. If the thrift store isn't your thing, try shopping at regular stores. All of their summer clothing will be on sale so you can get a head start for next year while it's cheap.

Bring cookies or soup to a friend

When seasons change, it seems like everyone has a bout of illness. If you and the love of your life are lucky enough to be healthy right now, this is a great time to bring a little love to someone else. Make something yummy and comforting together then share it with a friend who is under the weather. You can even save a little to share with each other when you get back home.

Pumpkin carving

My husband and I did this once before we were engaged, and we still talk about it. However, we probably talk about it because he was incredibly particular about our pumpkin design, and I sliced my finger open. IF you opt for this festive activity, be careful and remember to have fun.

Play outside before it gets too cold

In the coming months, you'll be dying for days when all you need is a light jacket. Live it up while you can.

Have a sleepover in the living room, including candy and a creepy movie

This date can get you and your sweetheart in the Halloween spirit. Sleeping in another room breaks up your routine while a little candy can remind you of the carefree joys of being a kid. A creepy movie is also an excellent excuse to snuggle close, even for several nights afterwards.

Find a handful of pumpkin recipes and try them all

Pumpkin is the quintessential autumn food so fill your home with its fragrance. You can make soup, bread or pie if you want or get on the Internet and find something more exotic. The options are endless.

Use the colder weather for an excuse to cuddle up to your honey with these dates. Enjoy the time outside while you can, celebrate Halloween and, somewhere in between, remember how blessed you are to have someone to see the seasons with.

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