Women are always looking for compliments and if they don't get the compliment they want they usually complain to their partners. Compliments are essential for a woman. They like to get compliments about everything, even for simple things, like their outfit. But often women forget that men also need compliments.

Men might not seek or ask for compliments like women do, but they are also very fond of getting them. Recognizing the qualities of someone is good for both, the person complementing and the person receiving the compliment.

So if you want to win him over, these compliments will help you:

1. Sense of humor

Every man wants to make his woman laugh. Tell him that you think he's funny. They know that women value sense of humor so he will love to hear this compliment.

2. Charm

They know that charm is something that women look for in a man. Complimenting his charm and pleasant conversations is a way to show your admiration for him.

3. Ambitions

It's good to compliment his ambitious spirit and his life goals. This shows that you recognize his efforts to achieve what he wants in life.

4. Protection

Men like to protect his loved one. They have the desire to feel that they are capable of protecting her in any situation. So this compliment will make him proud to always be near you.

5. Strength

Compliment his physical strength, even if he did something very simple, like opening a can. It's a male need to feel strong.

6. Intelligence

Men like to hear that they are intelligent and capable. Compliment his intelligence for a subject that he knows well. This shows you also value his brains.

7. Friendship

A man would like to have a spouse that likes his friends. So, compliment his friendship with his friends, this will make him like you even more.

8. Physical appearance

Men like to hear that you admire his physical characteristics. Compliment a part of his body that you feel attracted to.

9. Tastes and choices

Compliment his tastes and choices. For example, the major he chose or his musical taste. It shows that you know what he likes and what interests him and that you want to learn more about what he likes.

10. Principles

If you notice that he's an honest man, gentle, charitable, let him know. He will feel special.

This article was translated and adapted from the original article, "10 elogios certeiros para conquistar um homem" on Familia.com.br.

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