Relationships are tough. Sometimes you feel on top of the world, and other times you wonder if you really have found the one that you should be with.

Don't feel guilty if you're getting bored with your relationship. This does not mean you are 'falling out of love,' or that you need to feel guilty because your lover is still head over heels for you while you are daydreaming about something else.

These thoughts are normal AND they can be changed in a matter of minutes. You just need to find the reason why you are bored and do something about it!

Here are 10 reasons why your relationship is feeling old:

1. You live in a routine

Your relationship is the same every single day. You wake up, both do your daily activities, come home, eat dinner, put children to bed and then go to bed yourselves. The cycle just repeats. No wonder you are getting bored- that doesn't sound fun!

Mix it up one day so that there are surprises and unpredictable events to look forward to. Once you start changing this up, your partner will definitely get the hint and reciprocate.

2. You fell in love so fast

You knew that you wanted to marry him after the first few dates... so you did. You started a lifetime commitment so fast that you never got out of the honeymoon phase until now. You may not actually be bored, but you just miss the excitement of the new relationship!

Spice it up a bit and surprise your hubby with a lunch in the park. This will bring the fun back in while still keeping your relationship going in the natural direction its heading.

3. Unintentional emotional affairs

You may not even realize it, but talking to your friend or colleague at work about your personal problems has actually made it harder for you to open up to your partner. Not being able to have that trust and honest relationship with your husband can leave you feeling disconnected.

4. There are no more special memories

Since your schedules take you different places most of the day, you have not made the time to make any more memories together. Having happy memories is what can make your life worthwhile! Forgetting to create these may make it easier for you to forget the love you have for your spouse.

5. The passions and goals you have don't match

You aren't working on anything together. He is trying to get promoted and you are planning your lessons for school. You each have your own priorities and have forgotten about each other's needs. This can lead to you forgetting the purpose of your relationship and yes, being bored.

6. Where's the spontaneity?

Where is the pizazz? When was the last time you kidnapped your husband and took him to the salon with you? No matter what you have going on in your crazy life, you both need to make time to go crazy with each other.

7. Too much one on one time

Spending time together is fantastic! But be sure to spend time with your personal friends or by yourself now and again so that when you do spend time together, it is treasured and not taken for granted.

8. He is annoying

Are you starting to only recognize his flaws and annoying behavior? Communicate! Share with him how you feel and try to take some time to rekindle the feeling you had the first time you laid eyes on him.

9. You're too tired

Working on your marriage is not an easy task and you have just slowly given up on communicating the small things. Doing so has led you to feeling lost and confused. But remember this, if your relationship was easy, it would be boring. There would be no mystery, no battle, which would lead to know true joy and happiness. Wake up and give it another try.

10. Children

Having children is wonderful. Their sweet spirits can bring such a blessing to your family. They also suck out a lot of one on one time with you and your husband. Don't allow your children to get in between you two. Even if you have to plan in advanced when you are going to sit down for a meal together, it is worth it.

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