Ever wondered why your wife is unhappy in her marriage? There are some pretty awful habits husbands can fall victim to that creep into the strongest relationships and destroy them.

Your wife deserves to be happy in her marriage and so do you.

If you are looking for specific things to work on and improve in your marriage, start with these 10 reasons and go from there:

1. She feels unappreciated

Gratitude is a characteristic that all strong and long-lasting marriages are built upon. Without appreciation, contempt and lack of fulfillment become present in your relationship. Wives that feel appreciated for their time and effort put into making the family run effectively are significantly happier.

2. She senses an unequal distribution of responsibility

Wives that have to do most, if not all, of the housework and family maintenance begin to feel burned out and emotionally exhausted. Even after a long day at work, a man who can help unload the dishwasher his wife loads every day or vacuum the bedrooms without being asked will notice a light return to his wife's eyes.

3. There is weak communication between the two of you

When you communicate are you providing constructive feedback or are you attacking your wife's character? Are you acknowledging her faults or are you asking problem-solving questions?

Recognize the way you approach communication with your wife. The way you speak can affect your wife's happiness. Quit carelessly judging her character. Quit calling her out on her shortcomings. Be there for her. Listen.

4. She feels more like an object than a human being

You have a wife. You lucky man! She should be your best friend and closest ally. She deserves to be treated with great respect and adoration. Always respect her boundaries, body and brain. Never allow her to feel taken advantage of or disrespected. Love her and in return she will love you back.

5. She misses your love and affection

Have you hugged and kissed your wife today? An absence of affection can affect the happiness of your wife. She needs to be reminded she is loved not only by thought but through action as well. Kisses on the forehead, hugs before you leave, kind texts sent in the middle of the day, and warm embraces each night remind her she is still the one you want to run to at the end of the day.

6. She is sick of your dirty language

Poor language is never cool. It is unattractive and disappoints your wife. Attempt to quit swearing, cut out your go-to dirty jokes, inappropriate compliments and see what a difference it will make in your relationship with your wife.

7. She feels like her needs are not your priority

A wife that feels like a burden to her husband will struggle to find happiness within her relationship. Never allow your wife to believe her needs and thoughts are unimportant and nonexistent. Be kind, patient and willing to help your spouse. If she needs you, be there for her.

8. She feels controlled

A wife that feels like she has no freedom and no voice will never be happy. Believe it or not she can make wise and beneficial decisions for the family too. Allow her to feel like she is an equal partner in your marriage.

9. She feels like you compare her to other women

A wife that feels like she will never measure up to your monumental expectations will never be happy. Never compare your wife's appearance, hobbies, skills and talents to other women. Decide to praise and support your wife in all of her endeavors. In turn, your ability to encourage her will invite her to encourage and support you.

10. She feels like you don't give her the time of day

Never forget how lucky you are to have a beautiful wife to experience all the joys and sorrows of life with. Do not allow yourself to believe you are too busy to call, text, hug and kiss your wife every day. Your lack of attention could be the sole cause of your wife's unhappiness. Next time you see your sweetheart hug her and remind her you adore her and would choose to love her every day.

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