Does it ever seem like you just can't figure out what women really want?

Like you have a special girl in your life, and you want her to fall for you, but you just don't know how?

Perhaps you are looking to the wrong source for your guide to getting your lady.

Science has uncovered some of the largest mysteries of the universe, and it seems it has also uncovered the way to a woman's heart.

Here are 10 scientifically proven ways to make any woman fall for you:

1. Smile

Drake University did a study which found that smiling makes you look more attractive. It also makes you look like a winner and more engaging; all traits that will certainly draw the interest of a woman.

2. Make eye contact

Zick Ruben, a psychologist at Harvard University, did a study that showed deeply in love couples looked at each other directly in the eyes 75 percent of the time.

This study proves the gazing to a woman's beautiful eyes could help her fall for you.

3. Make her feel special and appreciated

According to M. Gary Neuman, a psychotherapist and author, most women who are not happy in their relationship say their significant other doesn't make them feel special or appreciated.

Making a woman feel that she is one of a kind and that you are grateful for her is a scientifically proven way to get in her heart.

4. Use physical touch

Now this doesn't necessarily mean kissing and hugging, but something much more basic than that.

According to Neuman, little acts of intimacy (such as touching arms, holding hands, or brushing them as you sit close) are a great way to build intimacy and make a woman feel comfortable around you.

5. Be attentive

This means actually listening to what they are saying and being interested in what they are talking about.

Both the University of Nevada and the University of Washington did studies which found that being a good listener is one of the most important aspects of making someone fall in love with you.

6. Embrace their passions

When someone is passionate about something, it usually means it's special and important to them.

Neuman said that if you can appreciate something the person you are interested in loves very deeply, they will very likely find that an attractive trait, one which they will want in the person they love.

7. Use mood lighting

According to research done by psychologist, Kenneth Gergen, he found that couples are bound to hug and affectionately touch more in dim lighting.

So if possibly, take your special lady to a place with darker lighting and she could see you in a whole new light.

8. Wear the color red

There has been a lot of research on how color can affect attraction between male and females, and the color to stand out in most studies is the color red.

If you want to capture the attention of a woman, throw on a red shirt or a nice red jacket and it is scientifically proven to get her attention.

9. Be adventurous

In a study done by the University of California, when couples do exciting and adventurous things together they were more satisfied in their relationship.

So take a woman sky-diving, or white water rafting, and you are sure to make a good lasting impression on her.

10. Use body language

As a Disney villain once said, "Don't underestimate the use of body language."

According to studies, effective flirting is based on 7% what you say, 38% how you say it, and 55% body language.

Science isn't just for figuring out Einstein's theory of relativity, but a way to figure out how to make a woman fall in love with you.

If you use these scientifically proven ways, you are sure to make her fall head over heels.

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