He's enchanted you from the first time you met. He's the one you said "I do" to. He's the one you love waking up to every morning. He's the one you fall a little bit more in love with every day. You are happily married to him. But how do you know if the magic you had before you were married is still there?

Is he happily married to you? Here are 10 signs to help you figure it out.

1. He loves how he feels whenever he's with you

Whenever you're together, he can't help but feel on top of the world. Any attention you give him makes him feel loved and appreciated by you. He feels good about himself whenever he's with you and makes him fall in love with you just a bit more. You make him the happiest man alive.

2. He lets you know he's thinking of you

There are times when you are apart, but that doesn't stop him from reaching out and letting you know he's thinking about you. He'll be sure to let you know, be it in a brief text message, phone call, a note left on the bathroom mirror or post-it notes left all over the house about things he loves you for.

3. He compliments you all the time

Not a day goes by that he doesn't think you're beautiful. He loves the way your face lights up when he compliments you about something wonderful you've done or the way you look. He isn't afraid to tell you just what it is he loves about you because he knows just how much those little things mean to you.

4. He never forgets to kiss you

When he kisses you, he means it. The kisses that linger are the ones that mean the most. He isn't afraid to put on quite the public display of affection if it means giving you the love you deserve. The kisses he gives are full of love for you and are a sure sign that he's very happily married to his beautiful wife - you.

5. He's always willing to offer a helping hand

Whenever you're in need of help, he will be there. Sometimes he may take a little prodding, but once he's up and focused he will put everything he has into it. No matter what the problem is, he will come up with a solution. He is a man of deep, analytic thinking and will do whatever he can to put things right.

6. He feels respected by you

A man must feel loved and respected by his wife and vice versa. A marriage without respect is a marriage short-lived. When he feels respected by you, he feels like he can do anything. He's happy when you love him for who he is and not for trying to change him. He respects you and you respect him and that makes married life all the better.

7. He admires and appreciates you as a wife and mother

There are many things he admires you for, but most of all, it's because of how strong of a woman you are. He appreciates having you as his wife and deeply admires you for being the mother of your children. He knows how much time and effort you put into raising them. He knows no one is more capable of raising better children than you are. Together, you and your husband are an unstoppable team of parents ready to take on everything your kids throw at you.

8. He shares his whole heart and mind with you

He isn't afraid to open up and let you know what's on his mind. His heart belongs to you. He knows everything he says is safe and protected and that you'll offer a listening ear and a helping hand when he needs one. There isn't anyone else he would rather share all of his secrets and opinions with.

9. He is always there for you when you need him the most

Even on the days when you're apart, he's just a phone call away. But more than that, when you need him he will be there for you. He'll be your shoulder to cry on, he'll hold you when you need to be held and do whatever he can to make your life right again. He hates seeing you unhappy and he won't stop until he sees a smile on your face.

10. He tells you just how much he loves you

If he loves you, he'll let you know. He will tell you just how much he loves you. No matter how many times he tells you "I love you" and the different connotations with each, they each mean something unique. Each day is different from the next, but he falls just a little bit more in love with you every day for it. When he tells you how much he loves you, it's a sure sign he is happily married to you.

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