Are you still in the dating scene? Has a date ever done or said something he thought was sweet that just made you feel uncomfortable?

If yes, you are not alone.

Perhaps you just want to date without commitment, or maybe you're waiting for Mr. Right. Regardless of your intentions, you take dating slowly - cautiously. However, the guy you are dating has a different agenda. He wants something serious and pushes the envelope a little too far.

Here are 10 things guys do to be sweet that end up being creepy.

1. Shows up unannounced

For an official couple, showing up without announcement is acceptable. But if your date is just getting to know you, appearing at your work or at your front door is pretty creepy. He means to give you full attention, but he needs to respect your space.

2. Shuts off his phone when he is with you

This may not seem as creepy. After all, your date doesn't want interruptions - that's sweet. But a man shutting off his phone can seem suspicious, and a woman may wonder if he is trying to avoid contact with someone else.

3. Keeps track of your every move

Every chance he gets, he is asking where you are and who are you with. He wants full details of your day. Again, you are just dating. You are not seeing each other exclusively, and he does not have the liberty to ask those questions. He is overstepping his boundaries.

4. Bombards you

You feel he is overdoing the phone calls and texts messages. Of course, you love attention, but when the attention becomes too much to handle, you get turned off.

5. Orders for you

You step away to freshen up and, before you know it, your date has already ordered your meal without knowing your tastes - or your allergies.

6. Immediately talks about family

While a woman who wants a family appreciates a man who shares similar feelings, it is uncomfortable when your date does not take the time to learn whether or not having a family interests you right now.

7. Takes you to the same old places

It is sweet to go to the same restaurant you visited on your first date - when it is an occasion such as an anniversary. It is not sweet to visit the same spot over and over again while you are dating.

8. Takes you shopping

Every girl loves it when a man takes her shopping, but not when the man has ulterior motives. He is vocal about your fashion sense. He wants you to wear something of his liking on the next date. It might be safe to say there will be no next date.

9. Has plans for your future

Your handsome date discusses his strict future plans with you, including how he foresees life with his future wife. He expects his wife to be a stay-at-home mom, but you want to pursue your career and think about a family later. Just when you thought your date could have been the one, his plans crush your dreams.

10. Brings his children on the date

There is nothing wrong with a man who cares about and loves his children, but it is strange bringing children on a new date - especially without warning. Maybe the babysitter had to cancel, but a quick phone call to let you know the kids are coming along is in order.

Daters should get to know one another without pressure. If the guy you are dating is overwhelming you or doing things that put you on edge, talk to him about it. If he persists in behaving the same way, don't feel obligated to continue dating him. Your happiness and sanity come first.

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