Do these 10 things during your first year of marriage to stay head over heels in love with your spouse. These actions may even turn into habits and make each year of your marriage better than the last.

1. Travel

You may have done some traveling while single, but there is sure to be some destinations you both haven't visited. Add these locations to your bucket list and start planning a getaway. If expenses are tight, take advantage of the stay-cation. Go camping on a Friday night, visit a popular museum or national park or simply go for a drive and discover the world around you.

2. Cook

Cooking is going to be a necessity throughout your married life. Is there a recipe your spouse absolutely loves? Work on perfecting that meal or try spicing up dinner with something new. Or if you want to make a date out of your culinary enlightenment, you can sign you and your spouse up to take a cooking class together.

3. Pray

Nothing compares to hearing your spouse pray for you specifically so you can face any obstacles you are facing. Before you go to bed each night, say a prayer together. Take turns offering the prayer each night as well. The next day will be so much better because of that decision.

4. Play a sport together

This may sound a bit intimidating if you or your spouse aren't basketball stars, but trust me, you won't regret it. Choose a sport you want to play together. Or try a sport that both of you have never played. Pick a night each week to try your hand at the sport. Not only will you be burning calories, but you'll get some real laughs in as well.

5. Plan

If you start doing this at the beginning of your marriage, it will become a habit. At the beginning of the week, sit down together and plan out what needs to be done and what responsibilities you both have to fulfill. Doing this will relieve stress and make more time for the things that are truly important, like spending time together.

6. Financial check-ins

Checking on finances every two to three weeks isn't a bad idea. Look to see if you are putting enough finances in your savings account and be mindful of debt. Is there a big expense just around the corner? Plan your finances so you can start saving up for that big purchase.

7. Find a hobby

Do you need to add some décor to your new living space? Look into DIY projects or painting classes. If you love to capture special memories, look into taking photography classes. Or, if you want to your new home to look top notch, discover how to master home improvement projects.

8. Show daily appreciation

This should definitely become a daily habit to keep your marriage healthy and positive. Show your spouse how much you appreciate and love them every day. Send them a text message with an inside joke, leave a note that says "I love you" in their bag for them to find or bring home their favorite takeout and movie to have a romantic date night in the comfort of your home. Whether the gesture is big or small, they are sure to feel loved and appreciated by you.

9. Date nights

It is important to have one-on-one time with each other every week. Set up a night where you and your spouse can go on a date. Having a designated date night is an effective way to keep the romance and sparks bright during your first year of marriage. Take turns planning the date nights to mix things up.

10. Go on an adventure

Being newlyweds feels pretty adventurous in its own right. Try something adventurous that you have both wanted to do, but never have before. Have you always wanted to go skydiving? Is there a mountain top you've always wanted to climb? Have you always wanted to try skiing but have felt too intimidated? Together you'll be able to conquer fear, have fun and make some incredible memories along the way.

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