Wives just don't get enough credit for what they do for their husbands. Many husbands are not necessarily as communicative as they ought to be, but deep down most men secretly love certain things about their wives they may not share with the world - or even their wives. So, wives, here are a mere ten things your husbands secretly love about you.

Wives just do things.

Wives don't usually wait to do things. When they see something that needs to be done, it gets done. And more often than not, you don't even know it was done unless she had asked you to do it, and you finally remembered after three or four weeks.

Wives remember things that we don't.

Men have a tendency to forget things the moment they are told. Wives, on the other hand, have an incredible memory, which can be both bad and good. They can remember all the ridiculous things husbands have done. Fortunately, most wives look the other way or even outright forgive their husbands for some of these foolish things. In this sense, husbands love their wives for this trait.

Wives who have children are incredible mothers.

Wives with children - no matter how many - are incredible. Research has shown the positive education levels of children are the primary result of mothers and their educational levels. Granted, mothers do way more than help their children with their studies and homework. They are positive roles models. In many homes when the children leave and call back home, they always ask to talk to their mothers. Pro athletes most often refer to their mothers when talking about their success.

Wives love us despite our stupidity.

You have to admit it: Some men do stupid things, and their wives usually roll their eyes while they simultaneously shake their heads. Ironically, even after we do or say things way beyond our limit of brilliance, they still love us. Husbands continually breathe a sigh of relief every single day, knowing their wives love them despite their actions.

Wives coddle when we are sick.

Men are wimps when it comes to being sick. Women can often go days without us even knowing they are sick. Even when they are sick, they continue on with their daily activities as if nothing is wrong. But when husbands get sick, it's almost "take-me-to-the-emergency-room" feeling. While she knows we aren't that bad off, she still takes time to baby us, even taking a sick day to care for us. When was the last time any husband took off a day of work to help his wife? Wives, we love your coddling!

Wives make our favorite meals.

We have to admire our wives for knowing the true source of our motivation: our stomachs. It's that beckoning of grilled pork chops or ribs or baked potatoes or steak or fresh strawberry pie or even asparagus that leads to succumbing to our wife's wishes. Even though they work, our wives still tend to have the kitchen mastered. Granted, many husbands have figured out the cooking thing, but many of us have not.

Wives anticipate things.

Wives are Radar-like! They know something before it is going to happen or they anticipate what you need long before you need it. We love our wives for this characteristic. It keeps us out of trouble and creates wonderful opportunities for us, both short-term and long-term.

Wives know where everything is.

Have you ever noticed whenever you ask, "Hey, Dear, do you know where (name anything) is?" they know? They can tell you where you left your car keys or your i-Phone or that pair of blue slacks you love so much. Usually, they know where all things are because they put them away to be safeguarded until we need them. It's almost uncanny how they know, but they do. And we thank them for this incredible trait.

Wives know the right things to say.

The world needs to learn from our wives. They tend to say the right things at the right time. Plus, when husbands say things they probably shouldn't, it is the wife who normally cleans up our verbal messes or prod us to say the right thing to assuage the situation. On those bad days at work or even when we lose our jobs, our wives know exactly how to maneuver the conversation in the right way.

Wives are smarter than we are.

We admit it: our wives are much smarter than we are. Thankfully, we all "married up," meaning we married someone brighter, more intelligent, and better than we are. Of course, we sometimes don't admit it, but deep down we know it's true. How many times has something transpired, and it dawned on you that your wife was way ahead on this one or had more common sense? Wives and women are just naturally more pragmatic and cognizant of the way it's supposed to be.

Often husbands take their wives for granted or don't give them enough credit. But when it comes right down to it, husbands secretly love numerous things about their wives.

We husbands need to unabashedly tell them thanks more often than we do. Our macho-like attitudes need to diminish. We need to sing her praises - especially to her. And we need to show her we love these things even more than tell her.

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