Some couples don't spend a lot of time apart while others spend weeks, months or even years separated for one reason or another. No matter how long you spend apart, without your spouse around, you can start to get bored and feel really lonely.

The next time you find yourself in this predicament, try one of these ten boredom busters:

1. Plan a girls/guys night

You may spend a lot of time with your very best friend, but you have other friends in your life as well. When you know your spouse will be gone, plan to spend some time with them. You could host a party and watch your favorite chick flick or action movie.

You could also plan an afternoon or evening out on the town at your favorite restaurant, bowling alley or shopping center.

2. Do something for yourself

Time alone means you can focus on yourself. Watch your favorite movie, eat your favorite foods, and do something that will benefit only you. Take a long bath, get a pedicure, work on a personal project, etc.

Do something that makes you happy!

3. Put together a surprise for your spouse

Does your spouse have something that they've wanted to have done for a while? Maybe there's a project around the house or the yard that they've been talking about. While your spouse isn't around, get the project done! Just make sure you plan in advance if it's something that requires help from other people.

4. Spend time on your personal hobbies

Do you have a hobby that you've been neglecting since you got married and started spending more of your time working on your marriage? Maybe you've neglected it completely or don't work on as often as you'd like. Spend the extra time that you have now that your spouse is away working on that hobby.

5. Pursue a new hobby

Is there something that you've always thought would be fun to try? Maybe you want to learn to play an instrument or become really good at a certain sport. Or maybe you'd love to bake or learn to cook a specific type of food. Depending on how much time you have, and what your budget will allow, this is the perfect time to get started.

6. Spend a night doing the things your spouse doesn't enjoy

While you probably have a lot in common with your spouse, there are still a lot of things that they enjoy that you might not and vice versa. While your spouse is out of town, enjoy those things that you don't usually get to do very often when they are around. Watch the movies that they don't enjoy, eat the food that they don't lov,e and blast the music that isn't their favorite to listen to.

7. Work a few extra hours

It is ok to want to make some extra money every once and a while. When your spouse is around, it's important to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Your marriage relationship should always be a priority and it shouldn't take the backseat to work, although providing for your family is definitely important. While your spouse is away, you won't have to feel guilty if you work late to get ahead on some projects.

8. Plan a date night for when they get home

After any amount of time apart, you'll most likely want to spend time together as soon as your spouse gets home. The time that you have to yourself is perfect for researching and planning a fun date night. The date doesn't have to be extravagant, but it should give you an opportunity to spend good, quality time together.

9. Do something fun with your kids

A lot of people don't have extra time to spend on themselves while their spouse is out of town because they still have their kids to take care of. That type of responsibility can be stressful. Get out with your kids and do something fun, for your own sanity as much as their enjoyment. Go to the zoo, have a playdate with other friends, have a picnic and play at the local park, or take them to get ice cream for dinner.

10. Let your spouse know that you're thinking about them

No matter what kind of contact you have while your spouse is away, don't forget to let them know that you are missing them! If you know that you won't have contact with them, hide notes in their luggage or send little gifts for them to open at certain points in their trip. If you do have a way to communicate, send texts throughout their trip and make time to talk on the phone or Facetime each day.

Being away from your spouse is never fun, no matter how short of a trip, or how often you've done it. Letting yourself have a pity party and feel lonely every night will only make your time apart harder to handle. Keeping yourself busy may not make you miss each other less, but it might help the time pass more quickly.

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