Hey all you married guys, if it were possible, your wives would like to put you in a hypnotic trance and take you back in time. You may ask, "What place in time would you take me?" And the answer is: to the time when you met the woman you later asked to marry you. Take a minute and remember what it was like.

Evidently you knew how to court her then because she said "yes" when you popped the question.

It is time to repeat what worked in the first place

Courting is all about fun and tenderness. It's not a chore, it's a pleasure. To keep your marriage alive the courting needs to continue. In case your memory is a little dim, here are some courting reminders to get you going again.

1. Think about her periodically throughout your day

Picture her and think of something you really like about her, then pick up the phone and tell her what you're thinking. Even a quick text can let her know she's on your mind.

2. Make a date with her

. It's fun to contemplate an evening together. It lets her know you still want to be with her. Talk about places you both enjoy going. Make it fun.

3. Invite her to run an errand with you

. Let her know you enjoy being with her. If she can't go, let her know you'll miss her, and invite her to go next time.

4. Hold her hand

Touching each other is important. Don't stop holding her hand, and keep on putting your arm around her. Remember, her touch was magical and you wanted her near. Keep that feeling alive.

5. Compliment her often and sincerely

During your courting days your compliments flowed easily and often. You told her how pretty she was and how happy you were to be with her. When you see her smile and are touched by it, let her know. Compliment her on anything that's impressing you at the moment.

6. Say, "I love you."

As your courtship deepened and you realized you loved her, you told her - again and again. Saying the words "I love you" will keep your love burning brightly.

7. Thank her for the special things she does for you

Notice the little things she does that please you, like fixing your favorite meal.

8. Surprise her

Remember how you brought little surprises to her just to see her laugh and smile. You were interested to find what she liked so you could please her. That never gets old.

9. Protect her

You did and said things that helped her know she was safe with you and admired by you. Your conversation was respectful and kind and she knew you were always looking to protect her.

10. Enjoy simple things together

You did many ordinary things like taking walks, listening to music, talking about almost anything. You talked about the future and made plans, and even shared a milkshake or dish of ice cream. Big things were not needed because you enjoyed sharing and learning about each other. Even though life becomes more intense and reality sets in, don't let it steal the fun away. Keep talking, keep planning, keep dreaming together.

These are ten simple things - and maybe you didn't do all of them, but you did enough of them to win her heart. It is time to do them again to keep her heart beating fast for you.

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