Your man is totally awesome.

You love him so much and are grateful for him and his presence in your life.

But how often do you actually let him know this important piece of information?

I mean you know it, and he probably knows it, but he wants to also feel it.

Sometimes as wives we don't realize that just like us, our men need some verbal and physical proof that we are in love with them now as much as we ever were.

Here are 10 ways to show your man he is the greatest, and make him feel like a million bucks.

1. Put on a little makeup

I'm not saying you have to put on a full face every day, but when it comes to looking our best we know a little goes a long way.

Put on a little mascara or just a little bit of lipstick, and he is bound to notice and be grateful for the effort you put in not only for yourself but for the man you love.

2. Do the #humblebrag about him and make sure he hears

Nothing feels better than to overhear or see the person you love bragging about how great you are.

Take the opportunity to brag about your man when he is within earshot or where he is bound to see it, like with friends or on social media.

Trust me; he is bound to feel so awesome!

3. Let him buy something he really wants for once

I don't know about you but I am definitely susceptible to spending money on things that I like such as clothes and makeup, and my husband is the greatest and lets me to do it.

Sometimes I don't take the time to consider that there are probably things he really wants, but is too nice to say something about it.

Surprise him by letting him know that you want to spoil him by getting something he's had an eye on, or if you know what it is get it for him.

4. Wait for him to get home, even if it means staying up

Nothing will bring a smile to his face than coming home to his beautiful wife!

This will especially be the case if he tends to work late and is used to coming home to a dark house where everyone is sleeping.

Being up with him to talk and let him vent about the day is one little thing to show him you really care.

5. Throw his absolutely favorite dinner into your dinner rotation

We all know that there is no bigger way to a man's heart than through his stomach, and making his favorite dinner is a surefire way to do that.

He will love having his favorite meal made by his favorite woman, and it will show him that you pay attention and care about the things he enjoys.

6. Text him during the day

Texting can be such a wonderful tool when it comes to showing your man you are thinking about him, and in a quick and convenient way.

Send him a love text or a saucy text and he will feel the love. Also, he will be that much more excited to see you when he gets home.

7. Show him you trust him

As woman we can sometimes take the reins when making certain decisions, just because we feel that we might know a little more than our men.

In certain areas that may be true, but nothing will show your man how much you care than trusting him with a big decision or other activity you would usually take care of.

Give him the benefit of the doubt instead of just doing it for him, and he will feel like the man you know he is.

8. Take care of your body and mind

Because he loves you, he wants you to be healthy and happy.

Take care of yourself, exercise, eat good food, and do activities that you enjoy as an individual.

Having a happy wife means having a happy life, and this will inspire him to do the same for himself.

9. Resist being a frump

I completely understand that everyone has days where we just need to put our hair in a messy bun and wear stretchy pants.

But once again for your own self-esteem, and to express to your man what he means to you, make an effort to not make this an everyday thing.

Show him that you take value in your appearance and he will be reminded how lucky he is to have you as a wife.

10. Compliment him in as many ways as you can think of

Is he a good cook? Compliment him. Did he do the laundry? Compliment him. Does he look extra handsome? Compliment him.

Nothing will make his heart swell more than an authentic compliment from a gorgeous woman, you his wife.

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