If you've been playing "he loves me, he loves me not" and the subject in question is your husband, you don't need to kill perfectly good flowers just to get some romantic reassurance. Chances are, the man in your life has been telling you he loves you - you just may not be listening.

1. He defers to your agenda

If the response, "whatever you want" sounds apathetic, don't let it get you down. Most likely, your husband is deferring to what you want because, well, he wants you to be happy. A man who is as happy getting a mani-pedi as watching a ball game is one who is in love.

2. He makes eye contact

...particularly when things get intimate. According to Mic.com, maintaining eye contact - particularly during your most intimate moments - is a sign you're with the person you trust the most. So the next time your husband is staring into yours, consider it an affirmation.

3. He loads the dishwasher

Or he sweeps the floor, takes the trash out or scrubs the toilet. The bottom line is if your husband helps out around the house, it's probably not just because he's a neat freak. He wants to take a few things off your plate because (you guessed it) he loves you.

4. He's a hand-holder

When your husband reaches for your hand over dinner or while strolling through the grocery store, take note: the man loves you. According to Psychology Today, the simple act of touching hands is actually "maximizing the amount of contact between [your] two brains," which increases intimacy.

5. He'll dress up for you

Whether it's a three-piece suit or a tin man costume to complement your Dorothy getup, when your man dresses up for you, you know it's love. After all, he's doing it to make you happy. Chances are that tin foil isn't comfortable.

6. He'll spend a weekend with your family

Sure, your family might be great people, but a weekend with the in-laws isn't exactly a day at Club Med. Your husband is willing to get to know your people because he knows they're important to you (which sounds a lot like love).

7. He's a great dad

It might warm your heart to see your husband playing catch with your daughter or dogpiling the kiddos in the living room, but if you look past all the playfulness, his actions are saying something wonderful: he loves the family you've created together.

8. He doesn't take your bait

Sometimes, you just want to pick a fight. Whether a bad day at the office or a toddler who refuses a nap has sent you to your breaking point, it's easy to take that out on your spouse. When your husband quickly ends an argument or squashes a potential quarrel, it's because he loves you (especially if he lets you win).

9. His phone is in the bedroom

Love is all about spending quality time together. If your husband puts the phone or other gadgets away, it's because he wants to do just that - enjoy quality time with his love.

10. He's okay on the sidelines

Your husband might be ambitious, but when it comes to your dreams, he's your biggest cheerleader. When your man supports your endeavors - even the crazy, silly kind - it's because he wants you to feel happy and fulfilled (oh yeah, and because he loves you).

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