You may want to hide your odd tendencies on your first date, but once things get more serious, these are the things that keep the two of you crazy for each other. Imagine it - without these little quirks, your life together would be oh so dull, but thanks to silent eye scrunching, using air-conditioning when you park on the street and hiding rubber chickens, you keep falling deeper in love.

On message boards like hereand here, 11 couples have shared the seemingly small things their parter's do that make their relationship a little strange, but truly adorable:

1. Sonar smooches

"You know when you make a kissy face and you can make that little smooch noise? At night my husband and I use that as a kind of sonar to find each other's lips to kiss goodnight."

2. Winner winner, (rubber) chicken dinner

"We have this small rubber chicken that we hide in random parts of the house, such as the cookie drawer, microwave, vanity mirror, freezer, etc. A huge smile comes across my face every time I find him."

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3. Scrunch

"Whenever my fiancé and I are out in public, we scrunch our noses and close our eyes at the same time, like for a split second, as a way of saying "I love you". This is our subtle little way of showing affection in public."

4. Um... that's adorable

"My wife and I still slow dance alone in our room sometimes. Different music every time, but wouldn't want another partner, dance or life."

5. Keep him

"Send each other pictures of the cutest animal we find online that day."

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6. Don't run out of ammo

"My fiancé will say 'Oh no... the kisser.... is it loaded..?' And I'll widen my eyes, make the biggest kiss lips and suck in air making a whirring sound....and I'd just kiss attack all over her face."

7. Always

"When we walk around holding hands, he'll randomly say 'ready?' Then he twirls me. He's darling, basically."

8. "Oh no, we're under attack!"

"We pretend I'm wearing him like he's a super soldier mech suit and I'm the soldier. I stand on his feet and hold his hands and we stomp around the apartment pretending to destroy things."

9. "You're good, you're good... stop!"

"He turns on the air conditioner when he has to parallel park in a tight spot because he gets stressed. It's like the cutest thing ever for some reason."

10. Sweet and simple

"Every night, he says 'sweet dreams', and I reply, 'see you there'."

11. It's the little things

"Hold hands with our fingers intertwined while driving. It's such a little thing but it's the thing I would miss most if we cut it out."

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