When a man is in love, he can't hide it — even if he wants to. As a woman, sometimes you have to know how to spot those sneaky clues he is unintentionally dropping about his true feelings.

If a few of the following points fit your man, he cares about you. If he does all 10, he is undeniably in love (even if he can't say it out loud yet).

1. Notice how he listens to you

A man who cares for you will listen to your problems on a bad day. A man who LOVES you will listen to you even when you're blabbing about silly stuff. He'll listen, ask questions and try to show that what matters to you, matters to him too.

2. See if you can change his mind

Love makes a man more flexible in his opinions. If he is willing to compromise with you on things he once was stubbornly passionate about, he loves you.

3. Check where you sit on his to-do list

This is one of the clearest indications of love. If he truly loves you, he'll make time for you — no matter how busy he is. If you are not one of his top priorities, he hasn't completely fallen for you yet.

4. Pay attention to his touches

Are his touches tender instead of lustful? Does he hold your hand when you're out and about and kiss you on the forehead just because? Passion has it's place in a relationship, but these delicate touches are the actual window into his heart.

5. Tell him your good news

Your great news should be his great news. A love-struck man celebrates your victories with you. Your happiness makes him happy as well.

6. Listen to his use of "we"

If his vocabulary evolves from "I" to "we," he's falling for you. When he thinks about his life, you naturally fit into it.

7. Watch his face when he sees you

If his face lights up when he sees you, you're likely one of the few people on earth that could make him feel happier when nothing else is going right for him.

He wants to be with you even on his worst days — not because he thinks it's your job to make him happy, but because just being around you makes him feel lighter.

8. Meet his friends and family

When a man is in love, he is proud to show off the woman he loves to those closest to him. As his feelings for you grow, he'll naturally want to integrate you into his whole life, which includes meeting his friends and family.

9. Bring up your future (and see if he mentions you in it)

If he's 100 percent smitten, he's imagined you with him in the future. It doesn't have to be in major ways, but if he makes plans with for something several months down the road, he is not planning on walking away anytime soon.

Many men have a hard time expressing their feelings. If he is doing all of these things, he might need a little encouragement to say those three little words that can spin your world upside down.

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