Okay you probably already knew that but if you are feeling like you are the only one experiencing these awful relationship withdrawals, think again.

You're hurt, angry, lost and don't want to show your face to the world. But before you go telling the world about your awful life post break up, and possibly ruin your reputation too, here are 11 things you should never do after a break up:

1. Don't indulge in anger

No one likes to be told to calm down or to keep their feelings hidden. Talk about it with friends, write it down in your journal or find another way to unleash what you are feeling. If you did everything you could in the relationship, there is no use wasting time being angry.

2. Don't place blame

Once you blame your ex, you will start to turn the blame onto yourself. It doesn't really matter who did it anyways. A relationship takes two, remember that.

3. Don't second-guess it

Keep walking and don't turn around. Trust the decision you made in the moment and don't make yourself worry. Yes, I bet there were a lot of good times, but don't neglect to remember why you broke up in the first place.

4. Don't get overly dramatic

You will not die alone; you will not adopt 30 cats, and you most certainly will be happy again. Don't stoop around telling everyone how sucky your life is. The future is full of excitement and mystery!

5. Don't brush it off

What worked and didn't work in the relationship? Even if you were the one to break up with him, you are not perfect. Take this opportunity to evaluate what you can learn from the mistakes that were made in your relationship. This will help you as you approach an even better relationship in the future.

6. Don't forget to come back

It is healthy to mourn, but you have to get out sooner rather than later. Set a goal to improve yourself so that you can rebuild confidence. Take risks and have fun doing it.

7. Don't call

If you are texting him non-stop and filling his phone with hate mail, this is when you know you have broken the line between ex-girlfriend and psycho obsessive stalker. Which do you choose?

8. Don't eat your feelings

This seems like a stereotyped answer, but it is definitely one of the first things people do after a bad break-up. Splurging tastes divine at first but the next morning you will be bloated, and those miserable feelings you had before? Still there.

9. Don't call your other exes

They are your exes for a reason! Bouncing backwards to a man who you already know isn't what you want will not satisfy you like you hoped. I promise.

10. Don't try to get back at him

Trying to make him jealous, miserable or hurt is not actually going to make you feel better. Seeking revenge is not one of the many traits men love about you. If you find a nice gentleman after your recent break up, cherish him.

11. Don't be jealous of your friends' relationships

We all want to feel loved and be in love, but sometimes we go too far wishing that those who are in love could be unhappy with us. Don't be that friend! Your friends are happy and they want you to find happiness too.

Have you been caught making these mistakes?

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