Love is something that constantly has to be strengthened in marriage. Regardless if you've been married for a month or 50 years, carelessness in strengthening your marriage can allow infidelity to sneak through the door. Marriage requires everyday communication and sacrifice to keep the flame burning.

How can you avoid infidelity in your marriage? These 11 tips will give you some ideas.

1. Be happy as you are

Love yourself as you are. If you think you have neglected your physical appearance, try exercising to feel better. Do simple things to raise your self-esteem in order to feel spectacular.

2. Pay attention to your husband

When your husband gets home from work, acknowledge him. Set aside what you are doing to greet him with a hug and a kiss. For that moment give all your attention to him. This helps your spouse feel important, and increases his desire to be home with his family.

3. Keep your word

When you tell your husband you will do something, try to get it done when you say you will. Your husband should be someone you can depend on, and he needs to be able to depend on you as well.

4. Be work partners

Help make your home an enjoyable place to be. This should be a place of joy for your family. Share in the household chores and do your part to make it a good place for each of your family members, where they can come to relax.

5. Communicate effectively with your partner

Share your experiences with your husband. Ask for opinions and advice, give support, and chatter about both the tiny trivial things as well as the deeper, important ones. Remember; good communication is the basis of stability.

6. Get involved in finances

Get involved in household spending. Suggest ideas and be alert to how money is received and spent. This way you will know how much money is available for food, entertainment, clothing and sustenance. Live within the budget you both planned and help him to do the same.

7. Always surprise your partner

Surprising your partner with cards, candy or small gifts helps keep love alive in a marriage. Remind him every day that you love him.

8. Participate actively in each other's social lives

Go to events together, and be familiar with each other's friends.

9. Jealousy is not an option

Women have a tendency to be paranoid about something that does not exist. Trust your spouse; and let him know you trust him. He deserves to feel of that trust.

10. Adjust your habits

For example, if you are a person who exercises daily, share that hobby with your partner. Go to the gym together, or go for a run or a walk. Use those moments of relaxation as time to spend together.

11. Get involved in his joys

Even if you both have different interests, share some of yours with him and let him share his with you. Sit down to watch football or a movie together, or let him in on the plot of your favorite book.

Remember, indestructible love is something worth fighting for. Do all that you can to be faithful to your spouse and help him want to be faithful to you as well.

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