Every man wants his wife to be a happily married woman. Here are a few signs that will tell you if yours is.

1. She enjoys being with you

When you invite her to go with you on an errand, she jumps at the chance — even if it's to the hardware store. It may not happen each and every time, but when it happens often, you know she enjoys spending time with you. Unhappy wives generally don't enjoy spending time with their husbands.

2. She smiles at home

Happiness can't help but show on her face through a smile. If she's smiling most of the time, then you know she's happy. That doesn't mean she has to go around the house with a big smile all day long — that's not quite realistic. But if she is grumpy and solemn-faced most of the time, then she likely is not all that happy in her marriage. Happy people can't help but smile, at least some of the time.

3. She likes your hugs

When you hug her she responds back with her arms around you. If she responds to your hugs in a way that says she enjoys it every bit as much as you do, then you have a happy wife.

4. Her kisses linger

This is very telling. Not every kiss has to be the lingering kind, but they need to happen regularly. When lips stay locked together for several seconds it's a sure sign she's enjoying the kiss. It makes her happy. Unhappily married wives won't linger in a kiss.

5. She likes to talk about things with you

If she enjoys chatting with you about what's going on in the world, about a movie she liked or any other subject you both may enjoy discussing, including family matters, that means she feels comfortable with you and enjoys your company. It's a good sign she's happy being married to you.

6. She thanks you

If she notices the nice things you do for her and thanks you for them, that, too, is a good sign. Showing gratitude means she's aware of you and appreciates your efforts to please her. Happy wives notice and express thanks.

7. She cooks your favorite dishes

There's a lot of truth in that age-old saying, "Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven." If she tries her hand at pleasing you with her cooking, at least some of the time, it shows that making you happy makes her happy. If you want more, you better make sure she knows you appreciate and enjoy it.

8. She likes to go on dates with you

It's normal and healthy for your wife to go out with her girlfriends once in a while. But if they are her first preference, over you, then something in her happily-married scale is amiss. If she enjoys your dates - and you need to make sure they happen - then you know she's happy with you.

9. She comforts you when you're sick or disappointed

If she tries her best with her nursing remedies when you are sick, helps you feel better with some chicken noodle soup, or whatever sounds good to you, then you are a lucky man. You have a wife who cares. If she commiserates with you when you're feeling down, then you know she understands. That's another form of giving comfort. Happy wives do these things for their husbands..

10. She compliments you and tells you you're handsome

Happy wives notice when their man looks nice - and she'll let him know. That's a sure sign she's happy with the man she married.

11. She thanks God for you in your shared prayers

When you are praying together and it's her turn, she can't resist telling a caring Father in Heaven that she appreciates and loves the man He led her to. Thanking God for you is one of the highest evidences that she is happy with you.

12. Being with her makes you feel happy

If you find yourself looking at her and feeling happy to the core, that's a sure sign she's happy, too. When that happens, don't keep it a secret. Let her know. It will bring happiness to her heart, and that can't help but radiate out and be a blessing to you both.

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