Every woman wants to feel beautiful in the eyes of her husband. It seems safe to say every man wants his wife to feel beautiful - even gorgeous. When a woman feels that the loving comments and actions from her husband are genuine, it can't help but increase her love for him. Here are 12 things you can say that will get you in the compliment-giving groove.

1. "Wow! You make that dress look amazing."

You have now turned the magic into being her, not the outfit. It's more about what she did for the dress than what the dress did for her. That has to feel good to both of you.

2. "I love your eyes."

When you say this, look into her eyes. You have always been a sucker for those eyes. Remind her of how you felt when you first looked into those baby blues - or browns - and that they still have that power over you.

3. "You are so beautiful, you take my breath away."

Catch her at the right moment to say this. It may be when she appears looking radiant. Capture that moment and say out loud what you are thinking about her right then.

4. "I love having you by my side."

When you take her to an event where you will be interacting with colleagues, she will feel especially beautiful knowing you are proud of her and enjoy having her there with you.

5. "I thank God every day that I am so blessed to be married to you."

This takes your compliment to the highest level. Even say it during your prayers with her. She'll love hearing you expressing gratitude for her. People don't lie to God, so she knows you are speaking the truth of how you feel about her.

6. "I love you."

Nothing says it better than those three little words. When she hears these words, it reaffirms in her mind that you are pleased with her. Make sure she hears them often. She will never tire of hearing them.

7. "I want to take you shopping."

When a husband offers to take his wife shopping for something special just for her, she loves it. If you are patient, even helpful in the search for just the right item of clothing or whatever it may be, she'll adore you for it. When she models that perfect outfit, she'll thoroughly enjoy your thumbs up and your "Oh, baby!" comment.

8. "How about a date, babe?"

That's music to her ears. It means you want to be with her. It makes a woman feel loved and admired when her hubby wants to go out and have some fun with her. Mean what you say, and set the time. Make it happen.

9. "You are the cutest mama I ever saw."

Say this when she is in the very act of mothering, like sitting on the floor playing a game with the kids, or nursing your baby, or feeding your toddler in the high chair. Women can easily feel less than beautiful when they are frazzled from mothering. Giving her this kind of compliment will make her feel it's all worth it and that you're noticing.

10. "I really enjoy talking with you and sharing ideas."

Being able to have a conversation with you means you respect her opinions and admire her intellect. It helps her feel that you recognize she is not only beautiful on the outside, but inside, too.

11. "I love having you for my best friend."

Being your spouse's best friend says volumes about how much he loves and cherishes you. It means he can confide in you, enjoys being with you and can trust you. Hearing you say these words reinforces her love for you.

12. "Mmmm. Love those lips!"

This is a fun comment to make after a passionate kiss. Do this and you'll get even more of 'em. It's like the guy who was on a business trip and sent his wife a greeting card that said on the cover, "I miss you. I'm helplessly addicted to ..." Open the card, "those lips!" She loved it and saved it for years.

Saying these little things will help convince your wife you think she's absolutely gorgeous. This can bring a lot of happiness into a marriage.

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