These simple quotes may bring you back to the first time you met your best friend. Share the one that touches your heart, and think about the last time you truly listened to your friend. Friendship is what makes our hearts grow, and you can find a new friend every day.

1. You don't learn friendship in school

2. True friends are by your side in every situation

3. Strong friendships live in the heart

4. Your true friends know and and love your flaws

5. The closest friend to you understands your obsession with sweets

6. When you look back, you realize just how incredible it was that you met your closest friends the way you did

7. And those great friends almost feel like family

8. No amount of time or distance can hurt your friendship

9. You can be your true self when you're with your true friend

10. Your friend may know you better than you know yourself

11. And one friend can make a big difference in your life

12. When things get hard, your friend doesn't turn their back on you

13. Your truest friend will be completely honest with you because they love you

The best kind of friendships are the unexpected; they come out of the blue. To see an uncommon friendship bloom between a young girl and an airplane pilot, watch The Little Prince.

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