You may feel that if you've told your wife you love her once or twice, she still knows you do.

Not so.

Your wife needs to feel (and be told) she is loved every single day. Here are a few phrases she is craving to hear from you.

Simply put: you love her for her. She is enough as she is.

Even with the hard times, marrying her was the best decision you've ever made.

Every relationship has unmet expectations. You will disappoint her at times, and she will disappoint you. Apologize and keep trying. That's all she needs to know.

Sure, she has frustrating parenting days when she loses her temper, but you still consider her the perfect role model for your daughter.

She knows you're aware of her imperfections. She's less likely to know you still adore her even on her worst days.

Sometimes she really needs to unload her emotions. When asked sincerely, this tells her, "I really care about your well-being" more than anything else.

Whether she works full-time or is a stay-at-home mom, take on whatever extra tasks you can to let her have a break. Give her some alone time. This shows you appreciate what she does for you and your family.

You don't have to love the same things she does to show you admire her for the things she's passionate about. Love her for the things that make her unique.

Paying bills is pretty awful, but there is no one you would rather be going through all this stuff with.

You might feel awkward giving compliments - and that's OK. She'll love it when you make the effort.

She might not be happy with her body, and she might wonder if you wish she looked more like your stunning co-worker. Let her know you only have eyes for her. (And make sure your actions say the same.) NOTE: gorgeous, beautiful or stunning are far more flattering words than pretty, nice or cute.

It might not matter to you that she didn't get the promotion at work, but it matters to her. This shows you don't love her any less for not succeeding how she hoped she would, but you care about her dreams and disappointments.

You can never say this enough. Don't assume she knows already - tell her everyday.

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