Expressing love in unique ways can bring additional romance and gratitude to your marriage. The idea of being spontaneous and doing the unexpected for the love of your life sounds perfect. But when you ask her what she would like for her birthday and you hear the phrase, "surprise me," you know you are toast.

You also know that she has expectations in her head of how amazing she wants the evening to be and you have no idea where to even start. Google becomes your best friend as you scroll through the ideas that men and women have shared, hoping the lightbulb above your head will spark any moment.

Before you hurt your brain and become an annoyance to everyone around you, have you thought about writing a poem? I know, I know, poems are for women ... but wait ... isn't she a woman? You need to remember who your audience is and what they would like. Instead of buying an expensive gift, possibly wasting hundreds of dollars on an item she is just going to return the next day, be original and give her poem expressing how you feel.

Don't know where to begin? Here are 13 short love poems that will sweep your wife off of her feet all over again. These may give you an idea of where to start.

Idle Dreams, by Joanna Fuchs

In idle dreams of long ago,
I imagined my true love;
A perfect match, a soulmate,
An angel from above.

Now you’re here, and now I know
Our love will stay and thrive and grow.

I Never Knew, by Joanna Fuchs

I never knew about happiness;
I didn’t think dreams came true;
I couldn’t really believe in love,
Until I finally met you.

Love So Amazing, by Elaine Chetty

My love for you is like the raging sea,
So powerful and deep it will forever be.
Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain.
Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.
I love you more with every heartbeat!

Your Smile On My Mind, by Luke O. Meyers

I wake up every day with your smile on my mind.
It's a beautiful sight to behold, so soft and so kind.
My dreams are filled with the thought of me and you.
I awake and smile, for my dreams have come true.

True Love, by Paul Smith

When I say I love you, please believe it's true.
When I say forever, know I'll never leave you.
When I say goodbye, promise me you won't cry,
Because the day I'll be saying that will be the day I die.

Sun Kissed, by Peter C. Free

A squillion stars shine in the sky.
Soaring angels sing sweet songs nearby.
I wake and smile, my dreams are true.
The star in my arms, my sun, is you.

When You're Next to Me, by Blake Auden

The world seems
somehow slower
when you are
next to me.
As though my senses
cannot focus
on anything
but you.

Make Me Feel, by Mariah Chandan

Take my heart; I'll give it with ease.
Take my hand and walk this journey with me.
Take these scars and heal them all up.
Take these fears and make them vanish when things get tough.
Take this smile and make it stretch so wide.
Take these arms and hold me oh so tight.
Take these feelings and make them real.
At the end, show me how to feel.

I Will Love You Forever, Anonymous

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
And the way that we touch.
I love your warm smile
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring
To my life every day.
I love you today
As I have from the start,
And I’ll love you forever
With all of my heart.

In All the World There Is, by Maya Angelou

In all the world there is

no heart for me like yours.

In all the world there is

no love for you like mine.

Love in Your Eyes, by Youseline Bazil

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see all the love you have for me.
I see in your eyes you care for me a lot.
I see your love for me is true,
And you will do whatever it takes to have me in your life.

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see your love for me is unconditional.
Your eyes tell me you will never leave me.
You will always stay by my side
To protect and cherish me.

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see with you everything is possible.
I see in your eyes your love for me is everlasting.
Your eyes tell me you really, really love me.

Each Thought of You, by Joanna Fuchs

Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion;
I give to you my deepest devotion.
My fondest wishes you completely fulfill;
I love you totally, and I always will.

Princess, by Arlene Kay

The sound of your voice
Calling me by what I wish to be,
Ripples through the blood within me,
Causing my heart to melt,
Leaving me with a ridiculous smile
Planted on my face

Poems can be as short as one line or as long as a book. There is no limit to how you choose to express yourself. Don't feel restrained by these examples; feel inspired.

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